Offical Hermes Holiday RAOK 2013 Thread!

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  1. :rockettes::rockettes::rockettes::rockettes:

    Welcome to the Official Hermes Holidays RAOK 2013 thread!

    Here you can share merry making; comments,photos,song links,cartoons and well wishes!

    Please post photos of your RAOK gifts and surprises within three days of receiving them here in this thread!

    RAOK= Random Acts Of Kindness
  2. Ok everyone we are off and running..
    Everyone has been paired with a buddy!
    Check your emails and trash and spam folders to find the email which I have sent you which will tell you who your Buddy is and includes their questionnaire so you can know a bit more about your buddy.
    Please save this information!

    A few buddies did not fill out a questionnaire I have sent you an email saying hurry up and do so that your buddy has the info they need to get you your RAOKs.

    Quick reminders:

    First RAOK gift is to arrive no later than Nov 30
    Spending limit is no more than $75.

    Second RAOK is to arrive no later than Dec 31
    Spending limit is no more than $150.

    (if you feel like giving more it's fine but certainly not expected)

    All items are to be new items*

    (* unless you know for 100% certain your buddy would love an antique or used collectable PLEASE JUST DON'T DO IT )

  3. I am already shopping! Yay!
  4. [​IMG] Let's hear from the Elves and Buddies and get this thread cracking!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I am so excited to start planning and shopping! Last year was such fun, I know this year will be just as special. Many thanks again for planning this Docride!

    I must admit, my DH has already been suggesting great gift ideas, asking questions about my RAOK Buddy, cute in a loving weird way!
  7. I am so excited to be a part of the gift exchange this year! Thanks for organizing it Docride. :ty:

    OK, I already have a newbie question. If I put my name and return address on the package for my buddy (my post office makes me do this so the package can be returned in case it cannot be delivered), won't I be letting out the secret to my buddy? What is the way around this?
  8. pardon my stupidity, but was today the last day to sign up?

  9. You can write ROAK Buddy as your name
  10. Yes I was.
  11. I so love RAOK! Thanks docride for organizing this special event!
  12. :smooch::kiss::smooch::kiss::smooch::kiss:
  13. Yay!!! I'm so excited for this year! I'm going SHOPPING - woot!!
  14. YAY!! I am already shopping for my RAOK buddy and have tons of great ideas!!!

    Can't wait to see all the reveals on here!
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