Offers to buy bags outside ebay..

  1. Don't you find this annoying? Gosh.. I receive a lot of emails like this. :yes: Whenever I post some designer handbag for sale on eBay, I usually get tons of invites to buy FAKE HANDBAGS outside eBay. Does eBay do something about this? This is really annoying since I am expecting "real questions" from "real buyers" not some spam or whatever you call this! Do you encounter these kinds of messages too?:wtf:
  2. I get them and I report EVERY SINGLE ONE. I know some of them have resulted in bannings as I've had confirmation from ebay. Guess I have too much time on my hands (hey I'm a mature student :biggrin: ) but I loath fakes, and I loath slimey gits selling fakes calling me 'their friend' even more.
  3. I hate them! Waste our time to check their emails. I always click "report it" button and report them to eBay as offer to buy out of ebay, selling fake, abuse eBay rules & policy and the question isn't relate my auction
  4. Oh , please remember, don't answer their msg or reply from your email address. They'll hack your eBay acc. So horibble!