offers given second chance offer. but not by me

  1. ok everyone, i know there is a spot where you can make your bidders private or something. can yall help me figure it out.

    i recently sold a bag and one of my bidders sent me an email asking what the offer price was. i never sent her a second chance offer and told her that. she said she got an email and wanted to contact me rather than respond to see if it was legit. now i am worried my other bidders got the same thing which ranges within a $200 range from what she bid and the winning bid.

  2. I believe it is one of the options on the listing page when you fist list the item. You want to click "show options," and it should be in there. I hope this helps!
  3. do you know if i can revise a listing to do this?
  4. 1. click 'revise your item'
    2. click show/hide options in the upper right corner -- this will bring up a new window.
    3. click 'format' on the left in the new window
    4. check the box on the right that says 'Allow buyers to remain anonymous to other eBay users'
    5. click 'save' on the bottom of the new window.
    6. the main page will refresh.
    7. at the very bottom of the section with price, best offer, quantity, auction duration there will now be a box you can check that says 'Allow buyers to remain anonymous to other eBay users'
    8. at the bottom of the page click 'save and continue'
    9. at the bottom of the next page, click 'save changes'
  5. awesome. thank you!