Offered the discount, feel guilty (Long)

  1. Been having repeated mail problems, finally solved them in the last month or so. Because of this, I contacted my local Coach store and asked if I had missed the card in the mail. She explained the whole random thing, which I know and completely understand...and told me that I hadn't been selected this time around. Then she asks me to hold. One of the other SAs who I see and talk to all the time got on the phone and said she'd give me the discount "no problem". Shoot, that wasn't why I called. I feel bad now.

    I did want the discount, but I also feel like I wasn't selected this time. It's a lotto basically and I didn't get it, fair and square. The reason for my call was simply to make sure the mail hadn't been lost or returned, AGAIN. (USPS...grrr - this has been a fiasco). My store calls sometimes, and mails sometimes so it's hit or miss on that.

    Anyhow, I just can't do it. I can't go in there and ask for the discount knowing full well that I wasn't supposed to receive it this time. I don't know why. It's odd and the guilt is driving me bananas.

    Does this make sense? I don't feel entitled to it. It's a special thing given out a few times a year to randomly selected people. It doesn't always work perfectly, but it is what it is. This time isn't my time.

    :confused1: Am I overthinking this?
  2. you are totally overthinking this IMO. people go in and ask all the time. i think you should definitely take advantage of it and get yourself something for the holidays!
  3. Awww! Don't feel guilty. You are way overthinking this. Coach allows their employees to use their judgment and give the discount to customers that didn't receive the card.

    Enjoy the discount, it's not like you took it away from anyone.;)
  4. Don't feel guilty. Go in, use the discount, buy lots, and maybe you'll get a PCE card next time around.
  5. Go on in and enjoy the discount. Coach wants to increase their sales and this is one way of doing it. They're not losing out on any sales.
    I was going in with a friend who had a card and she was going to buy me 1 thing and the saleslady noticed and offered me the discount, and because of that I ended up with three items.
  6. Sweet of you to think that way, but you do deserve it and they offered it to you...I say go ahead and take advantage of their hospitality.
  7. Yes, you are overthinking it! They offered it to you as a loyal coach customer and I think it's OK to accept it. Use it and enjoy whatever you decide to get!
  8. Last time during the PCE, I went in with my friend who wanted sunglasses. I said to her (in front of the SA) who was assisting us - oh too bad we don't have PCE cards. The SA turned to us and said, "Sure, I can give you the discount." :shrugs:

    I wasn't even fishing or anything - just making a random comment.
  9. the card doesn't come from the store, so they wouldn't know if your mail is screwed up or not. It wouldn't be returned to them. They probably didn't look to see if you were on the list or not, and just gave it to you anyways. If you feel you deserved it, then take them up on it and use it.
  10. Like a pp said, you using the discount would not take it away from anyone else. The SA didn't have to offer it, but they did and you should NOT feel guilty for using it. It doesn't hurt Coach to offer the PCE, otherwise they wouldn't mail cards and call customers 4 or 5 times a year to give them the discount! It increases Coach's visibility, increases customer loyalty, and also increases their profit margins!
  11. You are TOTALLY overthinking this! They offered it to you so go on, use it. There's nothing to feel guilty about, they wouldn't have offered it if you weren't meant to have it. JMO.
  12. You guys are so great! And you're right. I am overthinking it. I'm going to get myself a Christmas gift and smile when they ring up my discount. I'll still maybe feel a little bad, but not a lot.
  13. Yay - good for you. Use it with NO guilt! I have never receive a PCE card, yet have spent I dont even want to think about it much money at Coach over the years. I finally went in this time and asked for the discount and the SA who always helps me says "oh I'm so glad you came in - I didnt get a chance to call my customers this time!" I used it and it felt good!
  14. Don't feel bad, I'm sure the SA appreciates the sale. :smile:
  15. Don't worry about it at all. It is the SAs decision whether or not to offer it. You are entitled to it as much as anyone else so go buy yourself something nice!