offered a black birkin

  1. I made the very stupid mistake last week of saying no to a Black Birkin 35 clemence that an SA offered me after it had come in unexpectedly.
    I thought that I wanted the gold hardware and it's too late to change my mind. It's gone, of course.

    But maybe the pause is not all bad, I now need to decide if I really want a bolide or a birkin.

    It's a concern that the birkin just looks too ostentatious, and if I think that is it not already a problem? I genuinely love the quality of the bags. Only have a wallet so far but any bag I have seen has impressed me.

    Any guidance?
  2. I hear you!

    I bought a Bolide and it is just as elegant as the Birkin, plus it is light AND has a shoulder strap!

    If you want a tote-like bag, that is practical, elegant and does not attract the stares (and possible snide comments) that a Birkin does, the Bolide is your solution! Plus it's readily available at the stores!
  3. I think Hermes collectors call your dilemma "flying under the radar": what to carry when you want the quality but not the recognition. Hermes lovers who want to fly under the radar often buy Bolides. You might look at the new Victoria. Kelly, Birkin and now Lindy are probably the three highest profile or most easily identified bags.
  4. I absolutely LOVE the bolide, I have to admit from all bags I use the bolide most. I have a 37cm, it zips up, has a shoulder strap, and I find very understated elegant. The birkin works wonderful as a tote and can hold a lot.

    Depending on what you would like to accomplish, what should it hold, where do you use it for?
  5. This is exactly the kind of advice I need.
    "under the radar" is exactly what I am looking for. A birkin around these parts is likely to attract a lot of questions along the lines of "you paid how much?!?!?!?"
    Which is not the plan. I do love the Birkin and I will get one but it is going to take a year anyway, by which time I can gear up for going over the radar, and in the meantime the bolide is lovely. I know a lot of people think it's like the LV Alma (?) I'm not sure, really.

    I do like the bolide and saw a lovely one in Blue jean but I was thinking that a black would be more practical. I don't know what to do re leather etc. I wanted something very durable and yet nice and attractive. I have the chevre in the wallet but I am not sure that it is durable enough.

    Just to see - what think ye of the Plume?
  6. I have a Havanna Clemence 37 Bolide, it is very slouchy, and I like that... though I have a black 31 Bolide coming, which is stiff (thought nice for evenings).

    There is a leather reference, where you can have a look at the different leathers, also a color book;)

    The plume, I have a tiny one the 20 cm and it is soo cute, I love the shape, there is somewhere a picture posted, someone with a white plume and it is AWESOME....

    Did you try some styles out yet.
  7. There is a thread called "Ode to the Bolide" in the main Hermes section that you should have a look at.

    With the Bolide you can have the stiff version and a slouchy version, the slouchy style is called 'mou'.

    Plume is also nice.
  8. Did you get the black box Bolide that we all were in love with?
  9. Actually another chance came up.... still a black Bolide but Chamonix, it looked very very beautiful too :smile:
  10. Great,

    i'll have a look at those.
    Have tried the Bolide and loved it, loved the Birkin too but wanted the gold hardware.

    So I think it's the Bolide Mou I would go for.
    IRL which leather is best?
  11. I haven't had the chance to see all leather IRL, but for slouchy... I would say Clemence, maybe even Togo ?
  12. I have togo and it's very 'mou' :yes:
    A very uncomplicated bag that I don't have to worry about too much.
  13. IMO: This is not a question of which one to buy. Once you get one H bag, you will very soon NEED the other. Buying an H bag is like crossing the Rubicon. There is no recrossing the Rubicon, and the new life that awaits is all consuming.
    Although, anyone who could turn down a black birkin at the boutique ... Maybe you're immune or some kind of an evolutionary breakthrough to a higher consiousness.
  14. Please!!!

    Don't make it any worse. I KNOW I made a mistake.

    A big one. But I have to imagine that all these things happen for a reason.