Offer Etiquette

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  1. (I have no clue where this should go so move it if need be)

    When you fellow Coachies are shopping on the bay or Bonanzle or where ever and its a OBO...Do you consider the seller probably got it at the was more then likely additional 20% off and knowing the price of that particular bag do you offer them what you would have paid at the outlet plus a little extra for time, gas etc. or what is the proper way to make an offer?
    I see the bag I'm looking for and its marked up quite a bit but its an OBO I don't want to low ball em but at the same time I'm thinking COME ON!

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  2. All depends on the bag and what YOU are willing to pay for it. Sometimes if it's something I REALLY want and can't find anywhere else, I'll pay a premium for it, even if I know the seller got it for much less at the outlet.
  3. I sell my sometimes new, sometimes pre-owned stuff on bonanzle and ebay all the time and here's what goes into my pricing...

    1. How much did I pay for the item? Did I get it at the outlet, on bonanzle or ebay, through PCE or regular purchase. There are times that I've bought something closer to full price than I would have liked and when I go to sell it I just price it near what I paid for it. Of course it's better if I paid less for it so I can pass on the savings, but if I didn't get a deal than it's a lot harder for me to pass those savings on since I never got them in the first place.

    2. Condition of the item?

    3. How hard was it for me to find and what can I sell it for so that I know that I'm making both the buyer happy with a "deal" and I don't feel like I lost out too much either?

    In all fairness, you never know how a person acquired an item so it's unfair to assume they got the item at 70% unless they tell you so in their listing.

    For OBO's, I usually do some research on ebay for the selling price of the item and then offer a bit less than that since bonanzle's fees are way, way less than those of ebay. Of course, you should always give yourself some negotiating room also :smile:.

    Hope this helps!
  4. #4 Jul 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2009
    Thank you that helps alot. The bag that I want is ALL over ebay and they aren't selling for much over what the outlets had them at (at least the ones that are actual auctions) but im being impatient and want it NOW! and the BIN's are ridiculous and there is one on Bonanzle priced HIGH but OBO and I just dont want to offend the seller YKWIM?
  5. I've been watching a bunch of stuff lately that I know the sellers bought at the outlets (they have multiples or just listed a bunch of items I saw at the outlet). Most of them are auctions though, so I just put in my high bid towards the end of the auction and cross my fingers. Some of the stuff is selling for way more than I'm willing to pay, so I'll probably just have to do without or be patient and see if prices drop later on.

    It can't hurt to make an offer and see what happens. The seller can always counteroffer (or just decline) if they don't like it or you may get lucky and get a good deal.
  6. ^^^ITA

    I don't think it is fair to assume how much they paid. When you shop in a mall store I'm sure you don't think about the mark up.

    Make your 2nd best offer (leave your best for bargaining room) of what you are prepared to pay - you may be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!

    (BTW I am not a reseller)
  7. It depends on what I paid and Ebay cost and the going price... I normally price it to go...
  8. #8 Jul 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2009
    When I make an offer I consider the price they item is selling for on Ebay, plus the condition and how rare the item is.
    I only buy hard to find items because I can get the rest at my local outlet.

    I don't think It's fair to assume that the seller used the extra 20%, not everyone knew about those coupons, plus there are other fees, Bonanzle fees, Paypal fees that buyers usually forget. I know as a buyer I tend to forget those fees :smile:
  9. Ok I decided that since I missed out on this item at my outlet then that was my loss! and I don't need to be cheap plus everyone came up with good points that I shouldn't assume what they paid! I agree that I do forget about the seller fees, paypal fees and what not...and those hurt!

    So Thank you so much for those of you who responded it really helped me!
  10. For new bags: Ebay and PP fees add about 12% cost to any bag. Add in a little for the seller. Don't forget the seller paid tax too. And you don't know at what point they bought the bag.

    For example you are seeing Zoe's going down in price every week. Maybe your seller bought it the first week it came out...
  11. I just wanted to let you all know I recently sold a bag on ebay and the ebay listing fee was $4, the final value fee on $300 was $14 and Paypal Charged me $12. So there goes $30 already. So I try to keep that in mind when I make a OBO offer or purchase something on ebay and when I see an elevated shipping and handling charge, I sort of understand where they are coming from.
  12. I take into consideration what the same bag in the same condition has sold for recently on eBay and that's how I make my offer.
  13. It is against eBay policy for a seller to inflate shipping/handling charges to pay their listing & final value fees. Those in violation should be reported.

    Doing a completed item search of the serial # should give you a good idea of what that item is going for. Of course, you have 3 offers w/ eBay so you could always start low then go from there. The worst they could say is "no"!
  14. This is exactly what I do both when I list something and when I purchase something.

    Like others have said, you don't know where the seller originally purchased the item, so you can't assume that they got it super cheap and are trying to make a huge profit. I don't live anywhere near an outlet, so my deals have to come from department store sales and PCEs. Sadly, I've purchased bags on sale for approximately $225 that have ended up at the outlets for less than $100. Now that I want to get rid of these bags, I know I'm going to take a huge hit.

    I don't think you will offend someone if your bid is within the same range of previously sales. In this economy we're all trying to save money and get the best bargain that we can.
  15. If there is an option for a best offer, give it your best shot! The seller will simply decline or counteroffer...or better yet...ACCEPT the offer! Hehe! My first Coach eBay experience involved a bag that I only saw at Macy's and they literally only had one or two of the bag in stock. One day I was pretty set on getting the bag even if it meant paying FP. I went to the store and someone had already bought it! Noooooo! So I searched eBay for weeks hoping it would pop up. It finally did and low and behold, someone was offering an OBO. I actually made an offer for 100 bucks less than the BIN and the seller accepted it! I got my bag at a 40% savings from the retail price.

    Every seller is different. Sometimes they are looking to make a profit, sometimes they are simply looking to break even. And like others have said, you don't know what the seller actually paid so an OBO may end up being higher than the seller expects. Usually when a seller offers an OBO, they are willing to sell the item within a certain price range. Anyway, good luck with this! Just keep in mind that you can only do 3 offers. If all 3 get declined, your only option is to do the BIN. Be as generous as you can with your second offer if the first is too low ball, cuz after that, you only have one more shot. HTH!