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  1. Two very funny and perfectly harmless (as far as I can tell) threads have been closed today with no explanation and no idea of which mod to PM about the reason why.

    Several of us left our very long and extremely fun thread briefly yesterday to play what I and the rest of us in the Shoe Polish thread considered an April Fool's prank that harmed no one and that was based on humor that the most innocent schoolchildren are exposed to everyday. I think that it is completely unfair to close a popular thread without warning and without explanation for what appears to be no good reason (particularly since no one has bothered to supply any reason at all!). This forum has become a place where everyone is so concerned about possibly offending someone else that no fun at all can be had and people are always worried that if they disagree with the wrong person (who is "friends" with a mod or just a complainer) they will be banned. In my opinion, this is not at all conducive to a pleasant experience where people can speak their minds while still being respectful. Respect should go both ways around here, and people shouldn't have to furiously PM one another to figure out what is going on when a thread is closed or to find out who and who not to talk to to avoid unwarranted punishment. I am very angry right now and I would appreciate an explanation.

    A simple "Stay in your own thread" to us or, even better, an "if you don't like the topic of a thread, don't read it" to the complainers would have sufficed.

  2. In before lock! :lol:
  3. hummm...curious what will be said
  4. I'm very offended by what's happened.
  5. i too would very much appreciate an explanation as to why these threads were closed.
  6. I think you are just causing more drama...I read that thread and it was completely off topic...You should take this up with a Mod :smile:
  7. I also wonder. I hadnt seen the "completely boring thread" but I just checked it out, and seems harmless to me. :shrugs:
  8. I think they closed the thread because it was off topic...
  9. ^^ Off topic to what?

    Maybe the shoe polish one was but what about the other one that got started up?
  10. maybe the first thread - I can understand that. But even then, Caxe started the thread and didn't mind, in fact kept contributing to it. But I'd like to know why the boring thread was closed too. it was like a night at Club Bagnshoo and now I'm kinda scared to open that thread up again as well for fear of the same thing happening.
  11. If we were aware of which mod closed the thread and could provide us with a reason, we certainly would. (as I've already said)
  12. What about all the other chat threads? That's basically what they were... Why is it ok for some people to have their own chat thread, but not others? :shrugs:
  13. Kinda like the Louboutin chat in GD?


  14. I agree with every single thing you just said. I can totally understand the first thread getting closed(but a little post saying "closing thread because its off topic" would have been nice). But the second one was perfectly innocent, and deff. not off topic. If that thread was closed, all "club" threads should be closed IMO. They are all about random talk, just like the boring thread.

    I really hope we get an explanation, and not get in trouble for wondering..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.