Offcie bag price is increased

  1. Got a call from SA saying the work bag now price is $1385. It has increased110.00??? That is a huge hop...:yucky:
  2. Is that the only one with price increase?
  3. She said there are few and office bag is one of them,.
  4. yes, they are going to increase the price :Push:
  5. I heard from my SA everything will increase! She warned me and said I'd better buy my bbags now before it's too late :lol:
  6. Okie, she just called me saying: only following will change:

    work: 1385.00
    weekend: 1495.00
    Courier: 1175.00

    So city and first will be the same...
  7. and the day bag as well?
  8. Day bag stays the same.. The price change for the bags is liste din my previous post.
  9. thanks chloe!
  10. That sucks....why do the bags I like have to go up in price??? :cry:
  11. weekender - 1495???? *faints*
    Are these starting from the newest f/w collection, or for everything starting from *gasp* now?
  12. When is this happening???
  13. Oh yea, if i order it now, will i get it at current price??
  14. What a price difference!! Even LV already raised thier prices.

    Imagine, since Im an avid Bbag weekender/voyage fan..I have to re-think my buying habits..5 of those will pretty much cost me about the same price as a 35cm Hermes Birkin bag.

    Hmmm...maybe..I'll keep what I have and save up for a Men's Birkin instead. Too bad..Im a big weekender fan.

    WOW...Gas prices went up..LV went up...Bbag went up..what's next???

    Must be that Global warming stuff!!!
  15. I hope they wait until S/S 07 to increase prices! I really want a Work, but an extra $110 is a big jump...