Off-white Sloane on Bluefly

  1. I just snagged the Ebano Sloane :yahoo:
  2. Hi BV gals! First time posting even though I've been around for awhile. Got the off-white Sloane on Bluefly last night. I hope it's authentic since Bluefly seems to be hit-or-miss. I really wanted the Limo Sloane but no luck. Called around and it seems to be completely sold out. Hope I don't regret the off-white.
  3. Can anyone who has had a sloane for a while speak to the durability of the woven rings? It looks like something that would fray or wear down easily (since the leather is wrapped and stretched over the rings). Honestly it's been the one stopping point for me with this design.
  4. I've had it since March and I use it wherever I go pretty much on a daily basis. Its very durable indeed! Of course it wouldn't be wise to carry it around sharp edges or anything set to damage the leather. I say go for it!!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  5. Great! Post a picture when you get it.
  6. oogiewoogie and chloegirl, congrats on your Sloanes!!! I hope to get that bag someday. Please share pics for us to drool over.....:drool:
  7. Congrats Oogiewoogie & Chloegirl. Please post pictures of your new goodies. =)
  8. I grabbed the cream colored Sloane from Bluefly and was lucky enough to get another 20% using a code, so the cost was $1440. I know that was a great buy, I've been eyeing the Sloane, except I was hoping to get Limo. Does anyone know what this cream color is called by Bottega. For some reason Bluefly and NAP never use the manufacturers name--could it be pergamena? I would appreciate any help.
    bottega cream sloane.jpg
  9. I wish I would have known about the code for an additional 20% off! ReRe, I spoke to a SA at BV and she did confirm the cream is Pergamena. Like you, I was hoping for Limo.
  10. CONGRATS LADIES!!! I can't wait to see your beautiful new bags!
  11. Congrats on your great scores oogiewoogie, chloegirl and ReRe! I was drooling over those but held back - the price was so tempting! I hope you love them!!

    PS - if they seem stiff at first they'll probably soften up and fit so much better/less bulky after a few weeks. :yes:
  12. There's a Clay Sloane that's listed now. Would that be the same as "limo"?
  13. OMG!!! I think the "clay" is Limo!! I missed it!!! It's gone!!:mad: