Off-white Multipocket help

  1. I'm interested in getting an off-white Multipocket but not really too savvy with MJ colours and so on. Was there ever an "Oatmeal" colour? If so, did it come with silver or gold hardware? Also, does anyone know what colour the interior suede is? What other things should I look out for with this bag? There's currently one on eBay I've got my eye on and I've posted in the "authenticate this" thread but I just wanted a bit of info on off-white Multipockets in general, for future reference as well.

    Thanks gals!!!:flowers:
  2. There was an oatmeal color..I believe it is silver hardware
  3. Thanks, Jill:flowers:! Do you happen to know what colour the lining is or whatabout the colour of the contrasting stitching?
  4. Give me the link-I couldnt find the one in Authent this ......I will check it out for you.
  5. Looks legit