Off White/Light Colored Cervo Leather questions

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  1. Hi everyone! I have a nero cervo hobo that i adore and is seemingly indestructable, but is anyone familiar with the lighter color cervo leather? Is it prone to discoloration/wear? The off-white & lighter colors are so beautiful and really show off the bag, but the last thing i want to do is buy one only to get denim transfer or "perma-dirt" a week later!

    Any advice would be fantastic! Thanks!
  2. I have a white cervo bag from the last summer collection. It hasn't picked up any denim transfer, but it has picked up color transfer from my shirts -- the opposite of what I was expecting. The bottom has also gotten rather grey, even though I've been careful not to put it anywhere that looks dirty or dusty. But you don't really see that unless the bag is empty and laid out flat. (Or maybe if you are a very small child standing under my bag and looking up!)

    I've had light colored BV bags redyed before. They can't all be redyed since some color are seasonal, but I was told my bag is a permanent color so it can be redyed. I think the color name is Platre.

    I really like my bag. I love light colored bags and I knew when I bought it that it wouldn't stay pristine. I'm not bothered by a little wear. However I am careful to not use the bag when I'm wearing dark colored or neon shirts anymore.
  3. Oh, wow! Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I dont have to baby my nero cervo & i love that about it. I think i will probably pass on the lighter one.
    Thank you!