Off-white boots for the Fall

  1. Normally, people shoot for dark colored shoes for fall/winter, but what do you all think of an off-white? I can picture quite some colors for the top, but when it comes to the bag, I'm at a lost :confused1: What colored tops and bags would be limited to matching it?

    Here' s a pic of the boots I'm talking about.
    nicole dafne.jpg
  2. Earth tones will look great with those boots...
  3. Those are great boots! I guess for the bag I'd go with a brown, camel or grey. I can see them with a white , cream or brown top.

    What bottoms are you planning on wearing? Something that shows them off would be awesome.
  4. a rich camel would be to die for with those boots!
  5. I really just love the shape of it. I'm looking for flat boots for the fall, preferably with short wedges. These would be the cheapest of the ones I am currently craving over. I'm trying to justify these, but i'm just scared it wouldn't match. Or should I save my money for something better that comes up?
  6. I have been looking for some winter white wedge boots all over the place. I would go with all sorts of neutrals with those boots. Camels, browns, greys.
  7. I can think of outfits to match them, but I only have black or navy blue jackets, and I think it would look a little funny. Then, there's the bag....