off white/black, lambskin/caviar, large/jumbo with new bijoux chain??

  1. Which combination guys

    I'm leaning towards off white... but not sure what size?

    Caviar/lambskin - I don't want to ruin the lambskin... but it looks prettier!

    but then again black is classic?!

    What do you think?
  2. I just got the off white cavier jumbo with the new chain so it gets my vote. If you don't already have a fab black bag to tide you over until you can get a black jumbo also, go with the off white.
  3. jumbo :tup:
  4. there's nothing prettier than a lambskin classic flap but it's too high maintenance for me, esp in a light color. so my vote is black caviar with bijoux chain.
  5. Thanks girls... I think ill get the jumbo.. I just need to go into store first and play with one!

    So off white hey...

    The new chain only comes in silver right? not gold?
  6. ohhh black..

    it's so hard. i don't know whether just to get off white now because i think it will be hard to find one later... then opt for a black/gold bag in the future (when i can afford another one!)
  7. I think the dark white with the new chain looks best together. I prefer the black with the classic chain.
  8. I vote for black caviar with the bijoux chain. Black is classic, caviar is maintenance free, for me that's a win/win combo :yes:
    And it looks really hip with the new bijoux chain.
  9. i think the dark white is a gorgeous colour, and its seasonal too! if you're getting it in caviar, i'd go for the dark white, because really its not quite as high maintenance as you'd think! Black, although absolutely classic and gorgeous, will always be around, so u can always get it later ;)
  10. hi all,

    may i know where can i get a Black jumbo distressed caviar with MM lock and bijoux chain? How much is it? i want to order! does accept International credit cards? tks

  11. excuse me! ^^ sorry please don't take over my thread.... you can always start your own...