off topic- why do you close threads??

  1. why do people close threads? and how do you close threads?

  2. Only a moderator can close threads. If you're referring to why your thread asking for pics was closed, I assume it's because there are so many threads with pics of LVs already posted if you look for them.
  3. This belongs in another forum - please keep all posts in the Vuitton forum, Vuitton related. :smile:

    And threads are closed if there is already many threads on the topic, or if it's inappropriate. Check the rules to see a variety of reasons why we may choose to close a thread.

    Also, only moderators may close threads.
  4. I have tried to introduce some interesting threads thats all. And when did one extra thread hurt anyone?
  5. ^ It doesn't hurt persay, we just have covered many topics and do not want to keep opening duplicate threads :yes:

    You can try to use the search feature, and hopefully that will work- if you do not see anything, you are welcome to open a thread. If someone finds that it was already discussed, they may close your thread or link you to the old thread to discuss in.

    No hard feelings- it happens to all of us!