OFF TOPIC...The DRAMA that unfolded trying to celebrate my boys grades...

  1. I had mentioned my boys recieved Principal and Honor Roll Awards...And I believe it was Mommyville wanting to know what I was going to do to celebrate.

    Well...Since yesterday was my youngest's ones assembly I left him choose what he wanted for supper...BACON!:rolleyes::p

    And I had a cake made for them in town. I had them write...

    Clayton and Cole we're very proud of you!

    So...I hid the cake and after baths and showers were done...And it was time for a bedtime snack...I pulled out the cake. And well...

    I cut it...IT WAS MARBLE...No biggie...My son about died...I explained that accidents do happen. And that we would find a piece of white cake somewhere in that cake. And I found a small piece and cut it for him. My youngest winked and said..."Mom I'll try the chocolate cake" and then took a crumb and tasted it. And told his brother it wasn't half bad. But he still refused to try it. (Mind you the youngest then left the chocolate cake on his plate and only ate around it to the white cake)
    So I called the store...Mind you I had ordered this $15 dollar cake to be white. And they said...Bring in the reciept.
    So today...I called to see if they wanted the entire cake brought in with the reciept. I was then told...I could have $4 off my next cake... :o >:sad: OH I DON'T THINK SO! I went off on the woman...Whom put me on hold to talk to the manager...To only then come back to say I could have another cake for 1/2 off!
    Ok...So I paid $15 for a cake my family WON'T eat...So I'll end up paying $22.50 for a WHITE CAKE! Due to their error...I DON'T THINK SO~ I basically told them without swearing what I thought...Then hung up~ Then grabbed the cake and headed out the door. THIS IS THE ONLY STORE I SHOP AT!!! I don't have to shop there...
    So...I walk in and the woman said...I didn't know it was you with the cake issue.(Mind you her and her husband want my husband do do work for them as well. My husband is a general contractor...But it wasn't her that I had an issue with...It was the manager)... Oh yeah honey...It is me...The FAITHFUL shopper whom don't go elsewhere for CHEAPER prices but stay local and pay the extra to keep the town running... >:sad:
    So I tell her what I was told over the phone...I said..."I understand that accidents occur...NO BIGGIE...I only wanted a replacement cake...When I am then told I can have $4 off of my next cake purchase! Then when that didn't go over well with me...I was then put on hold...To only be told I could have 1/2 off my next cake. Well...You tell me if this here cake looks like we ate $15 dollars worth of cake...And I "HIT" the top of the plastic cake container making one heck of a racket. She then got the manager...Where I went off on him as well...He then told me that he had the woman call me back. But I must have left and she left a message on my phone...I could have my money back for the cake and 1/2 off the next one I ordered...And I politely told him...That all I was expecting was a replacement cake! I don't expect 1/2 off no other cake...Just give me a darn white cake that my family will eat~ PERIOD! That was all I wanted...They were the ones whom had to make this hard...
    My husband when I called him... laughingly said...If they only knew before they picked up the phone...That the woman on the other end had PMS...They might have handled it a bit differently~ :biggrin: OK I can laugh at it now...I have my son's white cake...
    I went back to place my cake order and have it written on...And I was like...Well putting on it what was on yesterdays cake don't make sense...They know we're proud of them...Maybe put...HERE'S YOUR WHITE CAKE! Well I flustered the poor woman...Her hands were shaking so bad... :-\...And I had her then put...Clayton and Cole KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK~

    I also told the woman...That I had just last week bought a big case of slim jims and they were a YEAR expired!!!:cursing:My son attempted to eat one. And got SICK AS A DOG! I did call and have them remove the expired food last week. But...This is the icing that tops the cake...

    Sooo whom's going to develop a phone that can pick up the hormone levels of a woman on PMS to warn the person on the other end to tread lightly~:lol:
  2. Yikes sorry this happened...the expired slim jims is kind of gross!

    this thread will probably end up getting moved to general discussion or somewhere else...just fyi :smile:
  3. Thanks for the heads up...I just knew "Mommyville" had asked me what I planned on doing to celebrate...I've not been much other places on the forum...I'll have to look around a bit more...Thanks again~

    And...Oops! Sorry guys~:shame:
  4. I've got the perfect license plate for you!
  5. :roflmfao:


    I totally relate!

    Love the PMS-warning idea! So true!
  6. haha...I know it will be hard to break away from Coach, but there is a whole wonderful tpf world out there, and lots of amazing people posting about all aspects of life.
    It is really really fun, you should check it out!
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. Candace , I used the attachment just for you so you could see it too!:yes:

  9. :p Cute license plate~

    candace thanks for the heads up...I tend to get tunnel vission at times...I'll definately have to check out what the entire forum has to offer...;)
  10. Thanks for thinking of me :love::love::love::love::love::love:
    I feel like I miss out on 95% of the fun :s
  11. I was thinking the same thing...

    That's why I wish we could have a little general discussion area under the Coach forum so we could share with the people on this forum. Sometimes I don't have time to venture into the general discussion area or there are things I want to say that aren't specifically Coach-related but that I know are of interest really only to my Coachie friends.v:party:
  12. True but there are times you really just want to share with your closest online friends. (I do visit the other forums some just not as much as this one).
  13. :lol: I use to go to Walmart, but the last time I was there (about a year ago) I almost brought 5 expired items (eggs were 1 month old, bread 2 weeks old, orange juice 1 week old, yogurt 1 month old, and packaged turkey that was a week old). I got another cart and threw everything expired into it and had a little talk with the manager. Someone can get very ill because they are careless:cursing: I never shop there again...I stick to Publix.

  14. Yeah...I see your point too...For this forum is HUGE! With I don't even know the head count on members...Where if there was a little corner for the Coachie's we would know whom is whom...Just being new...I don't know everyone here at the Coach section yet...But I'm trying to learn everyone...To understand we're a little family whom understand the passion we feel for Coach...And would wish to know the goings on in their lives...
  15. I don't want to seem rude's a CAKE! Was it really necessary to make such a huge fuss and "HIT" the plastic container making a racket? Was it really necessary to make the woman taking your next order shake? I really don't see the point in this. People make mistakes. they made the wrong have every right to phone and let them know. I agree that the manager should have handled it differently but I don't think it was necessary to overreact in this manner over a marble cake instead of a white cake. I find that if I am really sweet and just explain my position, I almost always get the resolution that I am looking for. Flying off the handle just puts people on the defensive. If you don't agree with the manager's decision, voice your reasons why calmly and if he still disagrees, then don't shop there anymore. I don't see how you could possibly go back there and shop now anyways after making such a huge scene. Your husband is also supposed to be working for these people? It must be really awkward that you acted like this to his future employer, don't you think? Personally, I know I would be too embarrassed to ever go back there again...imagine the discussions after you left! I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but although the manager may have been wrong, I believe that you were also wrong. This is just my opinion. You could have definitely handled this much better. There are much more important things in life to stress and worry about than a messed up cake order.