Off topic (re: purses) but want your opinion

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  1. Hey, my 2500 post!

    I wanted to get all of your opinion re: a purse decision since there are all kinds of purse lovers in the shoe forum and I would like some impartial input.

    I have 3 Chanels, but with the price increases I am close to the point when I will only be getting them if they are the seasonal lines that go on sale. I am relatively new to true designer bags, but right now, since I buy bags to keep, not to resell, I am trying to make certain I am getting bags with some staying power. Some of my bags are "trendier" but I am making certain I am getting some bags I will be happy with and can use in 10 years.

    I am thinking of getting a m/l flap. It is not big enough to be an everyday bag for me so I would not use it that much, mainly on weekends. I don't have a really classic day/night or night bag. It is definitely a purse I could and would pass on to my daughter when she is old enough.

    I would get it if Saks has an EGC in April, which would actually "make up" for the November price increase. Of course, for $2250, I could get the LV speedy I want, another Balenciaga and a pair of Manolos, Choos or CL's. Given the pending Chanel price increase, I don't see myself getting the m/l flap in the future if I don't get it now.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Personally, I'd have a hard time spending that much on a bag I couldn't use every day. BUT, if it's something you think you'll use for years and years, you should do it now before it goes up in price again.
  3. I bought the black med/large classic flap in lambskin with gold hardware on a whim on and ECG day prior to the price increase in November. I bought it for day to night purse. I can fit my sunglasses, wallet, phone, and ipod. I have wanted this purse for years and snapped bought it. However, I have yet to wear it. I am afraid to wear it. I take it out of the box and stare at it and them place it back in the box. I am happy I have the bag, but what is the point of having a bag if you don't use it? I am still in my residency and I don't go to really nice places. I just don't think it is an appropriate bag for bars and clubs.
    If you ever think you want this bag I think you should get it earlier rather than later.
    I hope this helps
  4. Congrats on your 2500 post! :yahoo:
    I would say yes to the purchase if you are in love with it and if you will have opportunities to use it. And also, like it was mentioned on another post, the Chanel price increase will work in your favor in the event you decide to sell it in the future, in exchange for another fabulous! :yes:
  5. I would say go with the Chanel - so long as you take good care of it, this bag will always hold it's value, and it will never go out of style. I sometimes hesitate on big purchases, but then kick myself because I buy a bunch of little things that nearly add up to what the big purchase would have cost.
  6. Personally, the double flap irritates me! Since you can put the same size in the medium and in the E/W, I'd rather get the E/W for $1795. However, if your heart is set on getting the Med. flap, then get it now before the price increase in May.

    Another option is gettting an LV suhali.