Off topic: How to get honey out of carpet?

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  1. :sad2: :Push:
    I spilled a bunch of it on my carpet. Any ideas on how to get it out? Will a regular carpet cleaner do it?
    :worried: :suspiciou
    Thanks for any advice!
  2. I think I read something about using ice cubes to "freeze" the honey so you can "flake" it off the carpet... Let me see if I can find something more specific....
  3. go to walmart or wherever and get some bissell oxykick floor cleaner, spray it on, and let it soak for a bit. wash out w/ a wet rag.

    i work in the appliances department at best buy, which includes floor care :smile: but seriously, one of the managers at work uses that stuff and calls it 'jesus in a bottle.' it gets out everything. all you need is something to cut the stickiness, and that should do it. might want to try drying it with ice and the using it if just using it doesn't work.
  4. Ok, some websites say that honey is basically like wax. This one website explains how to get wax out of carpet--makes sense...

    Good luck!

    If you need a cleaner, try Folex. It's available at Home Depot. It works WONDERS. I even use it as a stain remover on clothes--even gets rid of OLD stains...
  5. Thanks, ladies! I appreciate it!
  6. Oh, this topic is so cute. I love how we can come together and solve things. :lol:

    And sorry I wasn't much of a help. :shame:
  7. I know! Sorry to go off topic, and I appreciate your help. :love: :love:

    My carpet does, too.
  8. Going off topic for things like this is actually kinda cool to me!
  9. no idea. i clean carpet myself :smile: