off topic but

  1. here's a pic of my baby i took last weekend next to mr. trout fishy

  2. oh, your baby is so cute & i love the trout fish expression :yes:
  3. Cute!
  4. hee hee it was at a playground in the mall and I thought he'd look cute next to the trout fish lol
  5. Very cute :smile:
  6. adorable! how old is your son?
  7. Your son is adorable!
  8. awwwwwwww he's sooo adorable :heart::cutesy:
  9. Such a cute picture!!
  10. he's so cute :smile:
  11. he looks just like my little bro when he was like 4-5 months!
  12. He is such a cutie!
  13. Thanks, He's 4 months old
  14. AAAH what a cutie! I love that wispy baby hair!
  15. wowie handsome boy!