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  1. I had LASIK surgery today! I have wanted it for so long and finally did it! I can already see better! Now I can buy sunnies! any good LV's out there??
  2. Congratulations on your surgery. My sister had it done and she is happy to be able to buy Chanel sunglasses now. I am sure LV has beautiful frames. I guess you just need to find a store that sells them and start trying them on.
  3. LV does have beautiful sunnies but I couldn't find any that worked for me. Have fun trying them on!
  4. LV has some really nice sunnies, but I couldn't find any for my face shape either.
  5. congrats !, what about the obsession sunnies ??
  6. Congrats! There's some new sunnies too! I'm sure you will find ones that work for you. Good luck!
  7. I have found Chanel ones (ok a lot of chanel ones lol) and a few Dior ones but no LV yet, so was hoping for suggestions to try!
  8. yay! congrats on the surgery!
    i had eye surgery before (although not lasik...)
    and it was really scary (well, i was 9...) cant wait to see what you choose!
  9. You really have to try them on to know but I just got these one's also LV have the styles to fit eastern & western face shapes so try both options you never know which will work best

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  10. I had the lasik surgery 7 years ago, opens up a fabulous new world for you!
    Let us know which sunnies you get!
  11. ya you should definitely shop around for sunnies. I personally don't find LV sunnies to be *THAT* amazing, but that's just me... Good luck shopping and here are some of my tips:

    square face: go for round sunnies to soften edges
    Round face: square/rectangular frames are better since they elongate the face, avoid horizontal frames such as the faux-semblants
    Heart shape: I really like aviator styles (some people suggest against wearing this style tho...) cuz they bring more focus upwards instead of toward the sharper jaw
    Long/narrow face: I like round/elliptical sunnies and wrap-around styles (Dior makes wonderful ones!)
    Oval: woohoo! go crazy! anything'll do!

    Of course, buy whichever pair you like! don't go by what I say! :biggrin:
  12. congrats on the lasik! I totally want LV sunnies next time I go into a boutique! show us what you et k!
  13. yay, congrats! I know what you mean; I won't splurge on nice sunglasses yet, since I can only wear them when I have my contacts in, and I don't wear them everyday. Good luck choosing a pair; let us know what you get!
  14. I have 2 pairs! LOVE THEM TO DEATH! soon to be 3 pairs ;)
  15. Just classy congrats on the shades