Off topic but does anyone have an ****** account?

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  1. I'm trying to find best way to save. Some more money and came across ******. I would like to know any experiences
  2. Not sure why the word gets *** . The e bates program
  3. I love e*bates. No, I'm obsessed. Great way to save a little money - it adds up!

  4. Do they send you a check or how do you claim the cash back
  5. I've used e bates for years. I consider it free money. They deposit the money in my PayPal account quarterly. I've never had any problems....... :smile:

  6. Omg what have I been missing out ! Coulda had probably a free bag by now. Do they tax it?
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    Yes, you've been missing out. I even bought appliances last year online from Sears. That literally gave me hundreds back in cash!!! I also always use them for my bag purchases. Macy's, Bloomies and all the big department stores participate......:biggrin:

    And, no its not taxed......

    I just checked and I've been a member since 2004 with $781 cash back. :biggrin:
  8. You can have them send a check or you can have it auto-deposited into your PayPal account which is what I do. I've been doing it since 2009 and have accumulated about $800 cash back. Depending on how much online shopping you do, you could probably do much better than that. They often have double cash back on holidays and they also list most of the current coupon codes too. I try to get friends to do it but everyone is skeptical that there's a catch - there's no catch!

  9. Omg I will sign up now and start buying using that

  10. That's what I'm skeptical about . Or either getting scammed
  11. I am also an e bates member who just signed up April of last year and have already gotten a cash back total of $375. I used to shop for my clothes in-store at J.Crew, Ann Taylor, etc., but now I look for the clothes I like in the stores and then I shop online via e bates links so I can get the rebates! It is a great way to save money! I do wish that I had known about it in 2012 when I purchased several designer bags online from NM, Nordstrom, BG and Barneys! So don't miss out, sign up now!
  12. I've just started using e bates this past Christmas season. I saved at least a couple hundred dollars

  13. Tell me about it . I just recently spent like $1000 at Nordstrom and they get 6% back
  14. I've been an e*Bates member since 2009 and have already received $317.50 cash back. There is no catch. I got 6% additional cash back on my recent Selma bag purchase from Macy's online in addition to Macy's 25% off. Great deals!
  15. Wow you guys are selling me on this! I'm supposed to be spending less! Haha
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