Off Topic- Anyone seen Mick

  1. There are a few members I grow accustom to seeing their posts
    I have not seen any post from Mick.
    It does not show her last activity on her pub profile..
    hope shes ok
  2. She was last on Sept 28, 9 pm!
  3. I wondered the same thing... I hope she's doing well! :smile: I also wonder where butterflie (Jenn) is too... miss her posts, and she was so sweet!! :sad:
  4. :okay::okay::okay:oh ok
    thanks !@!
    get a little worried about my pf gals sometimes...
  5. Ohhh, thanks Sunshine, good to know! :tup:
  6. She has not posted since June!!! :sad: I was thinking about her the other day as well..maybe we should send her a I miss you pm.:yes:
  7. Ohh, okay. :sad: That's a really good idea, we should :heart:... I've actually been meaning to do that! :smile:

  8. Buterfliie (Jenn) had a falling out on the board. Some members had gotten a little carried away and opiniated with a post she had left, and she was pretty upset about it.

    We just always have to remember everyone is entitled to their opinons and their own particular tastes :smile:
  9. ^ Yes, she mentioned that to me. I used to PM her a lot, and I missed that particular post, but she told me she was so upset by the reaction to it that she had it removed soon after posting (and was going to take a little break). I guess the reaction to her post (which was meant to be a funny, light, and tongue in cheek) affected her so much she hasn't been back since, which is really sad! :sad:
  10. OMG!!! I'm so bummed!! I missed that post as well..but I LOVE her!! Geez...Isn't it funny how we have grown on each other even though it's sight-unseen?!?! I too get excited when I see certain members that I am grown fond of have posted...Shoot!! I have no idea what happened but hope you ladies get her to come back!! And yeah!! where is Mick? I liked her posts too...Sometimes when I don't see someone posting I do a search to see if they have jumped to another thread that I am not really interested in lol!!! Has anyone else ever done that? Sometimes I feel like I'm spying but I'm just trying to see if they're still are one HUGE family aren't we? Cripe..I like you guys more than my OWN family lol!!..:angel:
  11. Yeah, I heard that about Jenn too. And she was so sweet... wouldn't intentionally hurt a (butter)fliie.

    Speaking of Jenn's, where is the other Jenn? (clk55girl) She hasn't been responding to my PMs in the past two weeks.
  12. I haven't seen her around either. Hmmmm.

    I know I haven't been posting as much lately. Busy with kids stuff.
  13. and where is Pink Petunia,& Rockerchic?? i know Penny's in Hermes Forum alot...but yes, we do become like a family, and sweet regulars are missed!!!
  14. She's in the H forum ALOT!! heehee

    Come back Stacy, Come back!
  15. Hey girl. :smile: I agree about Jenn (butterflie)... she really is the sweetest, and was so kind to me in PM's when I was going through a tough time. :smile: Jenn (clk55girl) hasn't responded some of my recent PM's either haha... but she responded to my thread, and said she's been away on vacation (lucky girl hehe!), so that's probably why. :p