off to tjs =]

  1. Heyy guys =] Does anyone go to the TJ Maxx in Putnam Ct.?? Cause im going there tonight and I was wondering if it was worth the trip, or maybe marshalls at blackstone instead.
  2. I don't live nearby, I'm in Jersey-but I was at Marshalls and TJMaxx here today and they both had some Coach. Marshalls had a black hobo in some sort of satin-ish fabric for $120, and a mini signature small pouch thing for $110 on clearance. TJ Maxx just had a small bumblebee bag (I didn't look closely at it) for $80.

    Good luck, I hope you find good stuff!!
  3. I stopped at both Marshalls AND TJ maxx last night in N.Kingstown, RI and NOTHING. Zero coach bags.. *bummer*
    (because I had just come from "after work" drinks and was itching to buy
    Guess it's pretty hit or miss there.. . The thing is that there literally are like 10 marshalls/TJ maxx'es in my area -- I maybe just chose the wrong ones to visit.. oh well.. better luck next time I guess :smile:
  4. The only Coach I have seen lately at TJ's is the straw with the bee!
  5. staw??? bee??? $80?????????? WOW I've never been to TJ Maxx before!!!
  6. Yup!
    There is the "pochette" for $80 and the bag for $199!
    They grow on me every time I go in there!
  7. I saw the white pleated hobo when I was there last week. They also had the bee demi, and darned if it didn't follow me home!
  8. Heyy guys, I have an update:
    on friday i headed to tj maxx and picked up a purple D&B barrel satchel, and yesterday i headed off to another tjs and picked up a coach gold satinish hobo. im LOVING both purchases =]
  9. Nice! I wanna see pics of the hobo!^^^

    I saw those D&B barrels too - very cute, I actually packed one around for awhile. Congrats!
  10. I got my bee (the little ones) from an eBay seller who happened to have found it at TJ's. Also, the pleated black hobo was there (at TJ's) for $278.00 and I snatched it from eBay for $165.00. Marshall's had an older white signature tote (very stained from handling) for $180.00, on sale. Kind of steep if you think that they are not going below that.
  11. Oooh, I'll bet you got the gold version of the black one I saw on Friday! I can't wait to see a pic, it was a very cute bag! I walked around the store with it debating it for a while, then found the mini sig and walked around with that one for a while but ended up buying neither :sad: I so should have at least put one on layaway!
  12. I'm gonna have to check out my local TJ Maxx to see if they have anything. Pittsburgh-area gals, have any of you ever been to the TJ Maxx in Bridgeville? Have you ever seen any Coach there, or any any other local store?