Off to the World Series tonight w/ Louis...

  1. Hey everyone! I was just hoping you would all blow many wishes this way that the World Series game will not be rained out It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my Louis to go! .....If it is rained out we will go on saturday. I am taking my New used~ LV Petite Toledo Blue Noe:yes:

    Go Cardinals!:yahoo: :drinks: :popcorn: :drinkup:
  2. I hope you and Louis have fun!! Team Louis!!
  3. OOOh, how exciting! Have fun with your bag!
  4. Have fun...I hope it won't rain on you two..don't worry..epi noe is tough..can overcome rain....never took my epi on the rain but I heard it's ok..
  5. GO TIGERS!!!!!

    I live in NYC now but I'm originally from the Detroit Metro area.

  6. Hope you and Miss Noe have a great time!
  7. Thanks All~
    I will be wearing a silver/white jacket....with a red sweater/gloves/scarf...I will be wearing jeans. I may or may not wear my cards Hat... I also made a says "Come and ride the Train the Cardinals Train (pic of a train). It is in Glitter...of course blue and red. I will be sitting in Center Left field bleacher seats. The seats are great....we can see everything and tha bar is right behind us. :yahoo:

    I have blond keep a look out for me and Louis!

    So~ even if it rains.....we always have the lounge area:yes:

    Go Cardinals!:yahoo:
  8. Have fun.....
  9. Have a great time!:drinks:
  10. Lucky you! I'm in the St. Louis area, but we have no tickets. I'll be on the look out for Louis on tv, though! :smile:
  11. Hope you and your Louis have a great time and stay dry! :supacool:
  12. i have an ex-boyfriend who is a diehard tigers fan...LETS GO CARDS!!! (even though my boys ,the red sox, whipped you a few yrs ago)

  13. You are too funny Lol!:nuts:
  14. Have fun!!!! :yahoo:

    (but GO Tigers! :lol: ;) )
  15. have fun...great choice in bags for the game...will look nice on you!!!