Off to the "Mothership" :)

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  1. At the end of Feb, I will be heading off to Boston for a shopping getaway with my dbf. We will be going to see the Lion King at the Opera House which I am so excited for. However what gets me even more excited is going to visit the LV boutique in Copley Place which my friends have nicknamed my "mothership" LOL :P I am looking for something small this time and am thinking of a classic monogram bag (not a speedy as I already have 2) around $1000 (give or take $100) I am leaning towards the Alma......Does anyone have a fav bag in this price point???? Thanks
  2. spend a little more $ and get an Epi Alma, the vachetta bottom on the Mono worries me!

    if not, the Tivoli PM is always an adorable option! :yes:
  3. I was thinking the same about the vachetta bottom, I have a water spot on my mc agenda and it drives me nuts! Thanks awhitney!! I will check out the tivoli pm
  4. I have the Palermo PM and love it. It is only $1100, so well within your budget. It's my everyday bag for carrying my kids extra clothes, diaper and wipes. I love that it has a zip top and so roomy. It can be handheld, shoulder or cross-body bag.
  5. I also adore the Palermo :biggrin:
  6. Damier Alma! It's gorgeous. I love mine!
  7. I also vote for tivoli PM.
  8. I'm too afraid of the Monogram Alma too. The vachetta bottom is so scary to me!
    I would go for Tivoli PM, Palermo PM, or a Damier Alma since an Alma is on your wishlist..
  9. I am currently infatuated with the Alma and hope to get one this year. I say go for it. I would either go for the epi or the vernis
  10. I really like the Tivoli as well, and the Palermo, have you thought about the BH? It's in your price range and you might have $$ leftover for a charm or something, just a thought. If you really want an alma, I would go for the damier alma like other's have suggested, less to worry about! Have fun on your trip, good luck picking out your new bag!
  11. If you are getting an alma, I would not get one in mono - I would make a huge mess of it! I love my eva, which is way under your price point. One of my favorite things is how versatile she is - buy herself with or without the long strap for casual or formal events, inside a big bag and I also use the strap to make a speedy crossbody in a pinch. Have fun shopping!
  12. How about a Neverfull?
  13. Batignolles vertical, simply the best ! :yes:
  14. Palermo or Tivoli
  15. Artsy!