off to the middle of nowhere!

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  1. i'm leaving for fargo, ND to visit my sister! my train leaves in less than 12 hours! :yahoo: (can you tell i've really been looking forward to this vacation? hehe.) so yeah, that's why i won't be around much....although she does have the internet, so actually i bet you all won't even notice i'm gone. :angel:

    is it sad that one of the things i'm looking foward to most is her taking me to the mall of america? i still can't believe there's an aquarium in a mall.

    see you all in a couple weeks!
  2. Have a fun trip!!!
  3. Have a fun, and safe trip! Shop until you drop!
  4. No...what's sad is that the minute I read the title of your posting I knew you were talking about my neck of the woods.:lol:
  5. cool have fun ............

    happy shopping
  6. oh... the mall of america. i've had many part-time jobs there in high school and college... so, if at all possible, avoid the place on weekends! well, friday afternoon/early evenings aren't as bad. but hey, no sales tax on clothing... that's a great excuse to shop a lot, right? unfortunately, there are taxes on purses.

    i have yet to go to underwater world (the aquarium), it never really appealed to me.
  7. Have a great time!!
  8. Have a fun and safe trip!
  9. Have fun :heart:
  10. have a great time :smile:
  11. Have fun and enjoy shopping...
  12. LOL! Me, too! I'm near the Iowa/Minnesota border... going to Fargo would be a treat. The best shopping I have is Walmart -- and that's 25 miles away. :balloon:

  13. Yep, me too! It's not all that bad out here in BFE!

    Have a great trip!:flowers:
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