Off to the Birch Run MI Outlet

  1. I really have no business going, just bored today, hubby working on the garage, son has a houseful of buddies over. I want to save my money for things in the new catalog, but figured what the heck, 90 min drive, will turn on my "Daughtry" CD and maybe find a lanyard for my new cell phone or a key chain.

    Be back later.
  2. Oooh! Have fun and let me know what kind of goodies they have - I may need to take a trip there myself. Drive safe!!
  3. Have fun!! :yahoo:
  4. yeah, let us know what they have!!! i might go there on april (b4 my bday)
  5. Have Fun! I went to West Branch yesterday and the sales really weren't bad at all. 20-50% off almost everything.
  6. Let us know what you find up there! :yes:
  7. I so want to go to the Petaluma Coach outlet dh said no-boo!
  8. Have fun, let us know what they have.
  9. Can't you tell DH you are going to rent some movies or something?
  10. Haha!
  11. Hi, well I was true to my word, only got a Lanyard to match my phone, a COACH Key Fob for my Daughter and Clip Key Fob for my small Chelsea Hobo, hard to get my keys in. Lanyard was 16, and the Fobs were 24

    That store is HUGE, but NO Signature and nothing that thrilled me, alot of the stuff was things I saw months ago...lots of classic leather....The 30% off Coach was the Chelsea pebbled line, Tote was 299.00 marked down to 189 then 30 % off, I would have bought one if they had a white or blue, but they only had the brown.[​IMG]
    Lots of Blue Wave, and Leather with the pink on the sides?? I saw a few people on the board post them.
    NO Legacy except for a gold metallic Madison? and Ipod Case was 109.00
    Everything 40% off was Suede...not my thing.
    Wristlets were 44.00 then 20% off, but only one style....This one in all sorts of colors. [​IMG]
    It would have been better if I wasn't saving for the new catalog bags, but no bag really caught my eye....Oh lots of Beige polka dot ones too.
    Oh they also had last years Initials for 13 bucks, but only had the odd letters and a few smiley faces.
  12. For some reason Birch Run never usually has signature... :sad:

    but I still love it!
  13. Coachnut, I forgot to ask, did you notice any agendas?
  14. Went to the outlet in Grove City (PA) today, and got some good deals! It was pretty crowded considering the temp of ~20 degrees today.

    Oh, and I LOVE the Daughtry CD!
  15. Lea I noticed the Light Blue Agenda with the spiral calenders I didn't look at the price though.
    I thought there was another color but I can't remember what it was.