Off to SoCal...

  1. Leaving in a few hours to LA for a week--hopefully DH will let me use his laptop so I can squeeze in some reporting time b/c of course, I will be heading to the H store! Wish me luck! :graucho:

    FYI: Anyone interested in doing refurb work in LA, Manuela is getting shoulder surgery on Thursday so all repairs will be sent to NY while she's out.
  2. have fun orchids and live updates from LA!
  3. YAY! orchids is coming to SoCal! BH brings out Birkins every so often. I was there on a Friday and they had 1 Birkin and Kelly out on the floor. Pr1nc355 was there on a Monday and they had 4 Birkins, so you never know! PM me if you would like an SA recommendation at the BH store, she is not there on Mondays though. Have fun!!!
  4. Wow, Amkur...that is some pretty serious merchandise...SCP is somewhat stock depleted right now...I should have dropped by BH this would not have been a good idea...

    Orchids, Enjoy! Looking forward to your in-person reporting!
  5. ^^lol, SoCal, I know what you mean. I struggled to pass on the Birkin, it was too small for me (25 cm and I am 5'9" ) but if it would have been a 30cm or 35cm, it would have been over! Hopefully SCP's stock will be a little more replenished soon!

    orchids, you should visit SCP too!!!
  6. Orchids, The black croc with diamonds is on display at SCP if you are in the market... No birkins or kellys right now...the SA indicated they are really due for a new telling when this might be though...
  7. there must be a glut of those croc/diamond in new in san in bh...not enough people willing to part with one hundred and sixty five grand for a purse i guess...
  8. Good luck! Have fun!!! :yahoo:
  9. Woo hoo, landed and got settled in and am on DH's laptop! 4 Birkins in one day? Wow! The most I've seen there on my visits have been a few Kellys. I'm headed there first thing in the morning to collect some very tiny goodies I have on hold! Amkur, thanks for the offer--I have a new SA I'm working with who's pretty good thus far...will definitely PM you though if she doesn't work out.

    I won't have time to make it out to SCP unfortunately, but hopefully during the holidays when we come back. I got a chance to see the diamond croc in SF a few months ago.....I'd need a bodyguard (not to mention another source of disposable income) to carry that baby around.

    Will report tomorrow!
  10. *waves* Hope you have a nice time there! Which bag did you take with?
  11. Hi E! I brought 30cm Rouge H this time around and a black Chanel 2.55. First time using the Longchamp Pliages too--worked great!
  12. Glad you made it safely, orchids! Have fun tomorrow and wish you some H luck!
  13. Yeah! Look forward to your report later today!
  14. *sending good Hermes vibes for orchid's visit today*

    can't wait for the report!!
  15. Good luck! Have a blast!