Off to Singapore again!

  1. I'm heading off to Singapore again for the weekend, back on Monday. I basically drag my husband through all the shops (well, almost all, there are millions..) and feast my eyes on as many handbags as I possibly can, DH can not believe the amount on display!, my eyes will be popping out of my head!:nuts:

    This is my only chance to smell, squeeze and actually fondle these beauties and there is every designer under the sun. Will be checking out the Koobas again and maybe find out if they've had any complaints about the leather... if there are any bags you wonder about, girls, (not just Kooba) and would like me to gather any info on size, leather or colour, I'm leaving in 3 hours! I'll do my best, if it's there, I'll have a look:smile:
  2. Have a great time lucky bum! What are the prices like? Any deals? I'd be interested in knowing if the Spring Kooba leather has had any complaints too. Check out the display bags and see if they are wearing. And don't yourself a little something (that starts with a K and ends with an O) :graucho:
  3. maggie, where do they sell koobas in singapore? would u believe i live in singapore but have no idea where koobas are sold here except in maybe one shop? :shame: i think i shop too much online. then again i guess i only got into koobas recently so that's my excuse hehe...
  4. *climbs into her suitcase to go along*
  5. Takashimaya sells Kooba on the 2nd floor (near the escalator, where Longchamp used to be).
  6. Yes. that's the one, went there yesterday, they had Nicole, Paige. Elisha and Bonnie from the spring line (got to go, I'm at the free internet thingy at the airport, LOL, session's running out...)
  7. thanks girls. i must be blind... i think i need to wander round takashimaya more now.

    hope u had a fun wkend in singapore, maggie, n i hope u bought yourself something nice ;)