Off to Petsmart for Howl-o-ween!

  1. Isn't Elphaba cute in her pumpkin costume?
    elphaba costume 1.jpg elphaba costume in bed.jpg elphaba costume on belly.jpg
  2. awwww Elphaba is adorable with or without that costume! She is sooo cute!!
  3. How precious! What a pretty doggy!
  4. Adorable! My mom picked up costumes for our corgis - a pumpkin and a devil - I'm picking them up from her this weekend. I'll have a little (longish) pumpkin too!
  5. Well we didn't win any official prizes...but got an extra prize for being so cute! We were the littlest dog there (the only thing smaller was a couple of guinea pigs!) and everyone was excited to see her.
  6. I just love her costume! She's a real cutie!
  7. Aww...she's adorable :love:
  8. oooh how darling! what kind of puppy is she? and i LOVE her name. next year you could get some of that wash out spray color for human hair in green and have her wear a little witch hat and a carry a monkey toy.
  9. She's a yorkipoo! Yeah, I couldn't find a witch costume little enough this year...but next year she really will be Elphaba! (and it just so happens we DO have a little monkey toy!)
  10. OMG... she is so cute! She is the most adorable pumpkin I have ever seen. :love:
  11. Very cute! I'm going to Pets mart too to get my cat a costume this week... :p
  12. Thanks everyone! She definitely was a big hit last night! We start puppy class on Halloween...she might have to wear her costume to class!
  13. Very cute!
  14. ADORABLE!!!!

    That is the cutest little pumpkin ever!!

    My baby Sophie doesn't like to get dressed. She had a little Barbie coat I tried to put on her last year but she didn't go for it...oh well!
  15. Omg, a yorkipoo? SO cute! Did you get her from a breeder?