Off to Paris next week on vacation and will be picking up...

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  1. 1 LV Speedy Damier 25. :biggrin:! I just checked the website, it will cost about $480 (vs. $595 here in the U.S.) after conversion and 12% VAT back. woot! Well, that's the plan anyway. :yahoo:

    I look foward to seeing their store, is it big? :biggrin:.
  2. Good Luck!
  3. Yes the Champs Elysées store IS SO BIG !!!!! You'll see it and you'll be very surprised !!! Post pics & Good Luck !!!
  4. Have a great time, I am going in July, can't wait!
  5. There's an escalator ! You should watch the Mariah Carey video (say something) just to prepare yourself - it's filmed inside of the store. :graucho:
  6. Oh that is so exciting, please keep us posted!
  7. Wow! How exciting! Take lots and lots of pics. Good luck and have fun!
  8. wow great savings, you should buy two bags

  9. haha! Thats my kind of thinking! :graucho:

    Have a great time! :yes:
  10. you will love the store, it's kind of a museum!!So many bags!!
  11. Have fun! Paris is the best!
  12. you'll love the store! i don't remember an escalator BUT don't forget to bring your passport to get the VAT back. if the champ elysees one is too crowded for you, they have another LV on avenue montaigne. have fun!
  13. have a great trip!!
  14. Wishing you lots of luck!
  15. Have fun picking up your new LV and checking out the store!