off to paris and st tropez what bag !


Jan 17, 2009
im off to paris and st. tropez but i just can not make up my mind im only taking one hermes bag and it will be leather as i feel traveling with more is risky. my bags for this trip shall be my goyard croisere, my st louis for st. trop. and 1 birkin so options:

1.- bouganvillier 35cm s Phw.

2.- gold 40cm Ghw.

3.- black 35cm swift Ghw.

please do help i mean is it safe, i am going to be arround paris restaurants some museum but mostly shopping and lunching , the hotels are fine but should i even bring one. i ususally do but how are things , hope you can all help , as allways thankyou in advance love you all birkel.


May 20, 2008
but is it safe ! i would love to bring along my bouganvillier

i used to live in that area and feel it is relatively safe... and in my case at least, there were tons of people with loads more money that made better targets. lots of wealth walking around in that area.... i think if you are careful, lock valuables up, etc., etc., you should be fine. the question is whether you are going to want to carry your birkin around at night too. it is probably too big for the hotel safe, you know?


Jul 4, 2008
I grew up in a big US city, and I spend time every year in Paris. My safety thoughts--generally you are safe but you need to be very, very thoughtful about pickpockets. Purse grabbing does not only happen where you most expect it (metros, etc.). Over the years I have seen not one but two bags grabbed from diners at Laduree in well dressed thieves. On a road outside Nice I had the typical problem of two young guys on a motorbike who pulled up and tried to open my passenger door to grab a bag. The door was locked, and I always keep my wallet tucked low under my seat just in case, so I was fine. But I had one of my "you ain't gonna get me" American fantasies where I later imagined what the punks would have thought if they had popped the door open and seen me holding a gun up. LOL...just a fantasy, really ladies and gentlemen! It can happen...just stay alert.


Mar 22, 2006
There's a lot more thieves at St Trop during this time of year but they usually target the likes of P Diddy.
If someone wanted to steal an expensive bag, any potential thief could choose from at least 20 women toting crocs at Club 55 on any given day in the summer.
So unless you are hanging out with the likes of Roman Abramovich, I probably wouldn't worry too much about keeping the birkin safe.


May 7, 2006
Things are fine, did you see that Perlerare posted last week in the wildlife sightings that in l'Avenue restaurant she saw amethyst croc 35cm Birkin and something else croc, no problems if that is where you will be, even at night in a cool Paris restaurant like le Voltaire you could take a Birkin. It is getting to be summer Birkin gives more casual vibe, take the Bougainvillia. Pretty color and matches everything.
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Jan 17, 2009
i know i mean i live a few weeks to a month maybe two every year in mexico city as my fiancee has to travel a lot, and we stay there for some time. i have wonderful friends and i mean i wear my birkins, usually bring three . but theres also the fact that in mexico if you go to the places where people know the birkin you can use it and take it easy. but in general people see a leather bag, so no big problem last year i took a tour of eastern europe and the middle east and no big deal. i guess im just being over protective because everyone in those areas knows what a birkin is , but now back to the fun part what color and what bag to take !


Feb 6, 2010
I was in Paris for 6 days in mid June and out on the street saw 8 Birkins, 6 Kellys, 2 Evelyns, a Massai Cut, and what looked to be a Croc Whitebus.

Most of the Birkins were carried by non-French speakers and were seen near hotels or at restaurants, most of the Kellys were carried by ladies speaking French (and who seemed to be going to/from work). The other bags I saw on the weekend on ladies who were shopping or at Bistros.

I brought a Plume and a Lindy, and granted those are under the radar compared to a Birkin, I carried both of them at night, to museums, walking around Paris during the day, etc and had no issues.

have a great trip!


Jan 17, 2009
i dont know what happened i just read a few threads and got jumpy about the whole thing i just have not been in paris for fun work mostly and well we all know work is different and old st. trop for 3 years my do i miss it so im guessing after mexico dubai vienna and manhattan me and my bouganviller will be fine thankyou again !

thank you all i love you all truly and i do say, this truthfully as close as internet friendship can come this is the closest. feel much happier and at ease i truly love this community and to the forunders and all involved a true true THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!, hope fully when i come back ill have a few reveals to share love you all again birkel.

and i think im bringing bouganvillier !
or gold maybe ?
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Jun 3, 2010
Hi birkel,
Many years agao, I lived in Paris for 3 years as a young woman and always felt safe with most of the places I go. But the last time I was there visiting for only 2 weeks, my purse was picked right at Cafe de Flore! I was sitting on the seats outside facing the street, 2 well-dressed men sat down at the table behind me, the next thing I know, one of them had his hand in my purse!! I shouted and he immediately got up and left. I couldn't chase after them because I had my children with me, but you can imagine the stress of the whole incident!
I told the cafe management and of course they couldn't do anything because the thieves were gone. They did ask if I still have money to pay for my hot chocolate!

All I am saying is, if you look like a tourist, be very very careful. If you look like a local Parisian, it's better. I think perhaps when I was living there, I seem like a local, and the expensive items on me didn't seem so obvious, but as a visitor at tour-isty places, you should always keep your guards up.
Most importantly, use the bags at the posh places only and always be vigilant.
Have a fun and safe trip!
Bon Voyage!
Mar 10, 2006
i agree, bouganvillier, i think a 40 will get bumped too much!

do you use a longchamp pliage to "cover" and carry the bag in? it's perfect as an "extra" bag since they fold flat and in the "duffel" size you can fit your 35 birkin AND some extras, like water, magazines, laptop and still get to take on one more carryon if it's raining it makes a great functional rain cover and protects the birkin in the overhead or on the floor under your seat....i find the most dangerous time for my birkins is from rude late passengers desparately cramming their luggage into the overheads and smashing into my now i use the pliage over my birkin and then i have an extra casual tote for the days when my birkin is too much!