off to lv, but one last question

  1. I'm going to get the musette salsa for my mom. I've discussed it on here, with my dad, by myself...:p And I think this is the bag for her.

    I just got these worries right now: Will everything fit in the bag?

    She usually carries:
    - A koala-sized wallet
    - cigarettes and lighter
    - keys
    - gum
    - reading glasses
    - cell phone (normal sized)
    - small umbrella

    TIA! xXx
  2. sounds like it'll be fine. though the only thing i would be worried about is the umbrella. :smile: what a lucky mom!
  3. yeah, i think so, too.

    that's very sweet of you BTW. :cutesy:
  4. I took the liberty of linking to this post about the Musette Tango for your reference. I guess it's similar in size. The glasses, wallet and umbrella could take up quite a lot of room.

    If you find a friendly SA, perhaps you could ask her to let you try to fit in those stuff. That's what my SA always let me do, cos I want my day bags to fit a book, umbrella, FP and at least one mini pochette :p.
    Luckily the store I go to has a sitting area for trying on shoes so I can discreetly unload my junk, lol.
  5. Tell Mom you love her & want her to quit smoking & that will eliminate 2 of those items.....
    (I'm anti-smoking & an ex-smoker)
  6. if it doesnt fit, the sac bosphore is always there :smile: or an alma :p just my opinion... :smile:
  7. HAHA! I was about to type this same thing. I'm not an ex smoker tho. lol

    Does your mom know she's getting this bag? Cause personally a bag isn't something I'd want someone to choose for me. BUY for me AFTER I choose it,
    I'm sure you did your research tho. Good luck!
  8. I carried the Tango for a while and could fit keys, wallet passcase, credit cards, inhaler and folding umbrella. It's not a Salsa, but smaller. Good luck! Your mom is very lucky.
  9. I got the bag! :yahoo: But she has to wait till mothersday to get it... She doesn't have a clue what's she will be getting and will not expect this!

    I hate her smoking habit too but she allready has made a lot off changes for us, I don't want her to ask another thing... You're all right it's bad though...

    She allready mentioned a couple of times she likes the monogram line the most, she wears a cheap beag across the body and always tells me how she loves to have her hands free and she mentioned she liked that bag seeing it on another woman. So I guess it will be fine I made this decision without her...
  10. How sweet!
  11. I think you made the perfect choice for her. Let us know what she said.