Off to join the Declic wagon... but first...

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  1. Hi ladies!

    Hoping for some assistance in making my mind up.

    I sold my black leather simple pumps because they were just "too simple", and absolutely LOVING the declic. I haven't had much luck finding them in black leather, but Saks here in NYC are holding them in the black suede, so I was going to go up there and check them out today. To be honest, after seeing Lauren Conrad rock the suede ones ALL THE TIME, i've just thought they were so hot!!!

    Do you think that i'll regret the suede as a staple, wear-anytime shoe? Will I feel the same about of "ehh" if I were to find them in black leather?

    Any other suggestions for a replacement for my simples? I'm a pretty classic girl so far, as I only have a pair of camel pigalles, so i'm not looking for anything too crazy :biggrin:

    Thanks for your guidance!
  2. I don't think they are in stock in black leather anywhere. Have you considered the Miss Clichy? Pretty much the same shape, but a thicker platform. I found the suede Declic 120 more comfortable and roomier in the toe box, though.
  3. How about a pair of black patent or black jazz décolletés to replace your simples? They are classic and always in style.
  4. I'm not a total fan of the Decolette toe -- just a bit too almond perhaps for my taste? For the clichy, is it correct that the boutiques are the only ones that really sell them? I definitely enjoyed the platform with the declics, but wouldn't rule out the clichy...
  5. ^^The last boutique I have heard that had them was Las Vegas. They had the black kid in 120, but it was a while ago. If you want them, you should call ASAP. I think maybe one of the boutiques in Europe had them in black patent in the 100 height, but I'm not sure.
  6. Amazing - thank you!!!
  7. I don't think you'll regret getting the black suede a la Lauren Conrad, I mean look at her she wears them practically everyday and gets good mileage out of them (I wonder if hers are vibrammed). Anyway, if you are dying for the black kid then as Laureen said make afew calls, but if not the black suede are wonderful too!
  8. That girl DOES wear those shoes A LOT!! They gotta be vibrammed!

    Yeah, i'm thinking that I can get pretty much anything in black kid, and since these are limited, I might as well get what I can get! Might just have to do the VPs in the black leather, eek!! Somebody better come to Saks now and HOLD ME BACK!!! The collection is GROWING! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. SCP has the leather miss clichy :smile:
  10. so does Horatio... not that I would know... :graucho:
  11. Alright ladies, so, I got the black suedes and.... I actually really like them. The suede gives a deeper richer black than the leather. It's kinda hot!

    I'm gonna still go down to Horatio and check out the Clichys and see if I like the lack of platform better, and savin' my SAKS receipt :biggrin:

    Check out the pics!

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  12. Oh, they are gorgeous on you! I am passionate about Black Suede, so no argument from me! Congrats :biggrin:
  13. Yeah, I REALLY love them already, so worst case, they'll get a friend named clichy :P
  14. They are very pretty! Good choice!
  15. Horatio does not have the Clichy, they have the Miss Clichy. Like I said before, Vegas is pretty much your only chance at the Clichy in the US.