Off to Hong Kong

  1. Just wanted to wish everyone here on the forum a wonderful and safe holiday season! I hope everyone gets what they've been dreaming of all year from their LVOED ones! ;) I'm heading off to Hong Kong tomorrow to visit family with two of my closest friends! My parents said I'll be getting a Louis for Xmas...but don't know what yet. So I'll talk to you all in a few weeks and I hope everyone enjoys the last few weeks of the year. Thank you all for your amazing guidance and opinions this year, I've learned a lot from you guys and I thank you for your knowledge.


    PS- Hopefully I'll find a Cherry Blossom pochette while I'm in Hong Kong...Wish me luck!
  2. Have a wonderful safe trip and a Merry Christmas to you. :flowers:
  3. Have a lovely and safe trip!!! Hope you find your Cherry Blossom Pochette! Look forward to hearing about your trip when you get back!:heart:
  4. Happy Holidays and have a fabulous time in HK. I hope you come back with lots of goodies!

    Good luck and have a safe journey.
  5. Happy holidays and have a safe trip! I miss Asia...I'm so jealous you're going to HK! Hope you find your bag...;)
  6. I'm determined to have a little piece of everything that Takashi Murakami has done with Louis Vuitton. My best friend was like if you get a girlfriend she's going to want those bags... and I was like :confused1:
  7. :heart: wishing you much health, happiness & LV in the coming year:heart:
  8. have fun~ and hope u get what u want :smile:
  9. LOL, you're so cute. Don't worry, you'll get them!
  10. Safe trip dear! :biggrin: Happy Holidays!
  11. have a safe trip, hope that you will find your bag in HK!
  12. Have a safe fun trip! I can't wait to hear how it went! I hope you get the CB as well! Happy Holiday's!
  13. Have a safe trip & hope you do ALOT of shopping :winkiss:
  14. hahaha... well, she really probably would!

    bon voyage and have fun! causeway bay is my favorite place in asia.;)
  15. OMG! I'm living in Causeway Bay!!!