Off to disneyland :)

  1. Shutting it down and heading out to disneyland bright and early. I will talk to you guys soon (who knows I may sneak a peak from the road!
  2. Have fun! :biggrin:
  3. Have fun! I worked at D-land in High School. It was a blast.
  4. Have Fun. I just got back from disneyland. They have all the christmas decorations up. X-mas time at Disneyland is the best.:yahoo:
  5. Have a good time! :smile:
  6. have a great time at the happiest place on earth!!!:P
  7. take care and have fun
  8. Have fun!!
  9. Have a great time!!!!! I'm sure it is beautiful with all of Christmas decorations. I have only been to DisneyLand once, but I was 3 so I do not remember anything.
  10. Have a good time

  11. :wtf:
    You must go again. ASAP.
  12. Have a blast!!!