off to asia little help please ???


Jan 17, 2009
so im off to asia this time not working but.... i do not have much time to wait and see if H might have something. So im thinking of going to a few reseller shops especially in Hong Kong can any of you suggest the best and safest reseller shops ??? thank you soo very much.

best. Birkel
May 13, 2009
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Try 'Brandoff' since they have a Japanese staff that works in every store to authenticate the bags.

They also have a wide selection and have very good customer service. THeir branches are everywhere. I would try the one in 'Star House' near to the ferry terminal in Tsim sha Tsui.
Mar 26, 2009
HK is your best bet! Brandoff for sure. Forget about BJ. Their H boutiques don't normally have anything and prices are lot higher than anywhere else. No re-sell market either.


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Apr 29, 2010
birkel said:
hong kong beijing and singapore
For singapore you should try Ruelamode, was a web based reseller but now they have an actual store, you have to call and make an appointment first before you come and visit.. Check it out for their number and address.. They have many bags that are not published on their website.. So its always worth to call them and visit the shop..
Do let us now what you get later :smile: