Off the Wall Tutti Question

  1. Okay, so you know how the Tutti print is in black and white? My daughter was just looking at the upcoming prints with me and she asked me if she could color the Tutti print.

    Does anyone know how to make a coloring page out of the tutti print that can be printed? I tried just printing the picture I had, but it took up way too much ink!

    fyi: it's not only my daughter who wants to color the tutti print!:graucho:
  2. haha cute idea... the only thing I can think of is to use a paint program and try to get it as black/white as you can? the picture people circulated was kind of blurry or shaded so I don't think it's the best thing even if you set it to black/white only
  3. Here you go... not the best lineart but there is only black and white in there almost :p
  4. LOL when I first saw the tutti print, it reminded me of a coloring book.. and I just had this URGE to color it! Haha I wonder if people will actually color it? :shrugs:
  5. Me and my baby girl will! Hahahah If I can ever get a decent copy!

    BTW, thanks for the pic Strawberrylatte!! Yours is so much clearer than mine, i'll try printing it tomorrow.

    I printed one copy that used up so much of my ink and then I tried tracing that onto another piece of paper, but that's taking too long! Hahahahah (can you say obsessed?!) I'll probably end up tracing and improvising if all else fails.

    I'm now on a mission!!! The daughter fell asleep cause I was "taking too long!"
  6. LOL I meant the bag itself :yes:

    but, I wouldnt mind buying a tokidoki coloring book! If they ever make one.. and if its not $3485798237.99 :push:
  7. They ought to sell special permanent pens just so you can color the bags, lol. I want to add color to it.
  8. Me too! It will be cute to color a character in the corner or something!

    This is a bag that I'm afraid will get dirty.. :s scotchguard!

    If only tokis were that expensive.. wouldnt mind coloring them.. special markers or not
  9. He should actually have the tutti black and white that and have it come with pens to color it in haha.
  10. you can open the tutti pic in photoshop and there's a special magnetic lasso?(that, or it's the magic wand) that will automatically select the slightly colored white sections for you to delete, leaving you with only the outline and giving you a better pic to color!

    i think it's the magic wand
  11. I was also wondering that. I wonder how coloring them would turn out? It seems to drab without color don't you think? which is the only thing holding me back from buying it is the boringness and lack of color.
  12. maybe it'll look better irl, if it was colored maybe he was afraid all his prints would look too similar. I wish famiglia looked more like characters trapped in bubbles that kinda overlapped- sort like his amore...I think it would be cuter
  13. that would've been a very cute idea!!

    I honestly don't like the different colored bubbles on a neutral background. maybe I'll like it IRL but right now it's blahy
  14. it would suck if someone colored it in and the colors ran when the bag got wet. i would :cry:!!!!