Off-the-shoulder "kimono" tops?? Where to buy?

  1. I don't know what these are specifically called, for one thing.

    But I want one. I can't find them in stores, just online but I've seen them in sites like NeimanMarcus, Saks, etc.

    I found this one on eBay (lol "free belt!")


    But the problem is I want to buy it off an actual website-- I've been to all the stores in my area. The point is I'm only willing to spend under $50, so I won't be buying from Neiman and Saks and those kinds of stores.

    Anyone know of any nice online stores that sell tops like these? And what are they called, just off-the-shoulder tops? Knowing if they're titled something specific will help me find it online too. And like I said, under $50.

    Thanks! They're so cute.
  2. They're called dolman tops. I don't have any suggestions though.
  3. ah, dolman. I would have never ever have guessed that. Well that certainly narrows down my searches, thanks!
  4. I searched online for some time but found it difficult to find tops under $50. Hope others can help you out. However, what do you think of this top - it's versatile and can be worn in a few ways.


    $45 plus shipping

  5. Rachel Pally makes awesome off the shoulder tops. but they are EXPENSIVE. But her collections do go on sale frequently so keep an eye out on many online boutiques!
  6. they have a lot of dolman type shirts at Shopbop!
  7. ^^Newport News and Speigel always have nice items!
  8. Great finds, Newgrlonthebloc!