Off the Record Cadenas?

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  1. So I've been wondering if there were more of these sterling silver cadenas put out. After seeing GF's lovely watering can, and then seeing this silver compass one on eBay awhile ago (for 1995 The Year of the Road), I'm wondering what's the story behind these. I think there were regular cadenas for those years, but are there any more of these silver ones out there?

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  2. We should have a thread dedicated to the cadenas! It would be fun to see the different ones and then to go on a hunt for what we like!! I only have the hippo, and a heart one on it's way...
  3. ^^ That would be fun! Wow, that compass is unique!
  4. I love cadenas; it'd be great to see them on the bags. That compass one I'm kicking myself for not bidding on--I haven't seen it since or prior to that. Anyone know what the scoop is? Were they just limited editions issued in addition to the regular ones?
  5. I have a few more silve ones on the way - will post when they arrive. They are limited editions released for some of the years in addition to the palladium ones.They don't do it every year for some reason.
  6. That's awesome GF! Looking forward to seeing more of these rare beauties.
  7. I actually really love the sterling silver instead of the Palladium. A lady at my store offered to buy the watering can from me the other day....LOL!
  8. You scored on that watering can, K....haven't seen one at all was hard enough finding the Pelican!!!! And forget about that dang Japanese lantern ever popping up anywhere!

    I'm loving these little bad boys too.....each bag must have its own little Cadenas!!!!!
  9. D, I have seen the Jap Lantern around ebay, it pops up once in a while.
  10. D, I've got that Pelican coming this week. The shooting star is another one I'm looking for--I folded and plunked down the $$ for the harp. I find these sterling silver ones so intriguing though--they're so off the main radar that I've only seen GF's and the compass one on eBay.
  11. I hear ya, T.....that Harp was a cutey......I know I'm gonna cave soon if I don't find the Lion at a reasonable price somewhere. I'd love the Snail too.
  12. BTW......anyone know what the theme is for 2007 yet? I'd love to know was the lock will look like.......
  13. The Lion is a beauty...same with the Snail. Darn it, I want them all....except for that Hand maybe...that one doesn't do it for me. Maybe if I see it in person...
  14. Didn't someone mention that it will be some type of carousel horse?