Off-season bags - how comfortable are you carrying one??

  1. I love my bags and I do keep them for a long time.... my Chanel is 10 years old but of course, Chanel's always a classic. I tend to buy bags that are not too 'seasonal', more of a classic range so that one can't really tell which how old my bags are!!!

    Would you be comfortable carrying a bag that is obviously of a season 3 years ago and no longer in production?

    I love the Dior Gaucho but the SA told me it might just stay to end 2007 on the production line.

    Thanks for your thots on this ...
  2. As long as I love it, I don't care.

    That said, I tend not to like 'trendy' designs so I'm probably safe anyhow.
    BIG Chanel fan!
  3. For me personally...I buy bags that are not seasonal and stick to classic looks and color b/c I want to carry them for a lifetime if I can...Thats why I invest in an LV..So I try to avoid the in/out or seasonal purse deal all together :smile:
  4. It wouldn't matter to me at all. As long as I like what I'm carrying, that's ok. I still carry bags I bought a few years ago.
  5. I don't like super trendy bags, so I try buying the bags I really like and know I will wear in the years to come without worrying that they are not in anymore.
  6. For the most part, I buy what I like, which is usually not trendy, but I do have a pink Coach bag that seems dated now that pink in not "in".
  7. I do not tend to buy trendy bags so it's not an issue for me. However, I think if you like a bag you should be able to use it anytime, trendy or not, just think of it as 'vintage'....
  8. i carry what i like. which usually hints at trendy or boho- ish.
  9. I do this all the time. Most of my bags aren't "obvious" though....
  10. the more it's off-season, the more i enjoy carrying the bag because not many people will be wearing them.
  11. If it was a quality bag I'd rather have that than some £/$10 bag that is "on trend," but rubbish.

  12. Ditto, Swanky!
  13. I carry what I like and I don't care what season it came out in.
  14. :yes: yup!
    Specially if the bag compliments my outfit and mood,
    doesn't matter what season or year it came from.
  15. I invest in pieces I will enjoy carrying/wearing for years, year 'round. If it's something trendy, I won't spend a lot. I have a BCBG purse which is strictly a spring/summer type which I got on clearance for $80. I never would have paid the full $300 for it.

    As far as something which is a 2006 model or 2003, 2004, whatever...if I like it I'll continue wearing it. I think it's ludicrous to toss something because it's "last year's" trend. I don't know about you, but I just can't afford to drop serious cash on a whole bunch of trendy pieces year after year. If it still works on me, I keep it! :wlae: