Off Saks sale - Pick-a-Pair-BOGO 50% off shoes

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  1. This morning's e-mail crop brought news from Off Saks about its newest sale: "Pick-a-Pair-BOGO 50% off shoes". Buy one/get one half off, both men's and women's, til Thursday Feb 4rd.

    My local Off Saks (Riverhead, NY) had nothing for me yesterday shoe-wise, but I did see a pretty pair of black patent peep toe CL flats for about $200 for some lucky girl who wears an 8 1/2.

    I have seen quite a few CL's for around $200 - $229 at Off Saks and at Neiman Marcus Last Chance in the new outlet in Deer Park, Long Island. For those who can get there, they might be worth checking out.
  2. posted this earlier in the morning in the off fifth saks coupon thread :smile:
    enjoy your shoe shopping!
  3. Actually, this is not a coupon sale. It is simply info about a new sale starting today.

    " *This email is not a coupon. 'BOGO' is not an additional discount but reflects promotions advertised in-store. Offer valid January 26, 2009 to February 3, 2009 at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH only. Not valid at Saks Fifth Avenue stores or If you decide to return any of the items purchased, all items must be returned together with the original receipt. If you decide to return an item purchased at full price during this promotion, then the 50% off item purchased will be adjusted to full price and you will be responsible for the difference. Cannot be combined with a coupon offer, redeemed for cash or used toward payment on Saks Fifth Avenue charge accounts. Not valid on previous purchases and Gift Card purchases. Offer excludes leased departments. Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH reserves the right to change or end promotion at its discretion. For store locations, please call 866.290.9027. "

    Before posting it, I looked through all the headlines on the first two pages of Deals and Steals and did not see anything new mentioning Off Saks. Going back now, there is nothing for four or five pages.

    Where is the Off Saks coupon thread located? I did not see one. I tried to find it just now using TPF search, but only old off Saks posts showed up. No Off Saks coupon thread of any kind popped up.

    I enjoy scanning Deals and Steals whenever I can. But, too often I have noticed people posting useful updates onto the ends of older threads where it simply gets lost (ie: the endless Saks sale thread, interesting as it is to read). New info needs a new thread if it is to be spotted easily. When I didn't see a reference to this newest sale, I posted one :smile:
  4. tfp sunny..i didn't see an off fifth coupon thread either!
  5. Thanks! I may take a drive out there
  6. Oh, ... I asked why there have been no high end designer clothing at the Riverhead Off Saks for the last two months (Cloe, Armani, etc.) and was told that's because all their real designer stuff was pulled out of there (as well as from other Long Island, NY Off Saks stores) and sent to the newest Off Saks on Long Island, the one at the Arches Mall in Deer Park. Annoying, but at least I know where it's all being sent.

    I was told that the Riverhead Off Saks is expecting to get more real designer stuff in mid-February, which would be nice.

    Also, the checkout counter staff thought there is going to be a special designer sale event at one of the other Off Saks coming up soon. They were not clear about where it would be, Woodbury or Walt Whitman. So check, if any of you live near those stores.