Off Saks Fifth Avenue Coupons ?

  1. Hi,
    Does anyone got a 30% off any one item coupon from Off 5th avenue for this weekend? :yes:
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you!!!!!
    I just bought a jacket there and lady said they'll adjust the price for me if I'll bring this coupon.
    Thank you again! :yes:
  3. dragonfly,
    when did you buy the jacket? today? i wonder if they'll reduce a bag i bought there on monday?
  4. I bought it today...
  5. k thanx.
    guess it won't hurt to call and ask, but i'm guessing since i bought it monday they might just say no cuz it was a previous purchase which is one of the exclusions.
  6. Omigod! thank you so much! Last time i used this i got a $158 juicy jacket for $40!!!

    I need some sunglasses so this is perfect!
  7. Wow thanks!!!!! Are we able to use this voucher- i thought it implied you need an actual email

    Also, would bags apply? reads: Offer excludes leased departments.

    Also (Sorry, not from US): is it an outlet store only?
  8. Thanks you!!!!
  9. thanks for this abby,

  10. Thank you for the coupon!
    I printed *2* out today and ran off to my local off Saks.

    Look at what I brought home!


    Retail $340
    Off Saks Price $79.99
    w/30% off coupon $60.33!

    I also had a necklace I was planning to buy. Hoping that the cashier would be nice enough just to let me slide on by with 2 coupons, she didn't. Blah! I didn't buy the necklace. lol.

  11. omg i am so going tomorrow to get a marc jacobs bag!!! thank you for sharing! :heart: i love tpf.
  12. LouisLady: OMG!!! Gorgeous sunnies! I went on Friday night but unfortunately the milpitas store didn't have any Gucci glasses. I saw some really cute Dolce and Gabana but they were a little too bling for me. Everything else was Juicy Couture.

    Awesome Deal on those sunglasses!
  13. Hope you find what you're looking for ichelle! - My local Off 5th never has MJ!
  14. Are there any coupons for Sept. 14-16?