Off Saks - Additional 30% off any one item this week!

  1. I got a card for this sale yesterday at the Off Saks in Orlando. I'm not sure if you need the card to get the discount, but an additional 30% off is a really good deal!! :yes:
  2. OK so let us know what you purchase tomorrow.
  3. Wow, that's a great deal. I may have to go back to get another Kooba that I've been lusting after at my Off Saks in Hanover, MD.
  4. If you sign up for their mailing list-you usually get at least one 30% off coupon A MONTH! I signed my husband up, too, and now we get two!
  5. Man...I signed up in the store a month or so ago but still haven't received any coupons! :sad:

    If you go sharbear, let us know if you need the card to get the discount. Thanks!
  6. I went to the Off Saks at Leesburg (Virginia, USA) outlets yesterday -- definitely need the coupon, at least there. I checked out the bag inventory. Loads and loads of Cynthia Rowley, a few Pradas, and not much else. Only two Koobas (Chiaras, I think), and one of them was pretty banged up. I'm sure the inventory varies widely from store to store.
  7. Thanks for the Leesburg update Kathy K!
  8. this sucks.. i am no longer in sac-town.. argggh.. these are the times i hate living in washington..
  9. Woo hoo! Thanks! I'll go check it out!
  10. I just came back from the Leesburg, VA Off 5th and got a beautiful black Claudia for $195.99!!!! - I did not have the 30% off card - but one of the salesladies gave me it! Mine was in great condition - there was the smaller version bag - forgot the name - but it was all beat up. I am so happy. This is my first Kooba.

    Has anyone been to the Woodbridge, VA Off 5th - I would like to see what they have also
  11. Thanks!
  12. Sorry girls I haven't been responding - I've been out of town this past week! I didn't make it to Saks this week, but I got a great Tahari coat from there last week with a 25% off coupon.

    Nancy - Congrats on your bag! Would love to see pics!

    Bag lady - Wow! A coupon every month??? Fingers crossed those start coming to me too!

    Did anyone else get anything?
  13. does anyone know where to sign up for off 5th's mailing list? =]