off saks 5th - HUGE SALE!

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  1. was in ny over the weekend. saks off is having a huge sale & presale!
    the presale had higher end brands i saw some herve legers that were originally over a thousand and on sale for $550 plus 30% off. , (also burberry, prada , chloe, roberto cavalli)

    great selection of shoes. Many zanottis around the $300 mark and an extra 30% off

    most of the clothes were significantly reduced and an additional discount of buy one get one half off

    sunglasses and bags had the same deals.

    i got 2 pairs of shades. Fendi wayfarers and huge marc jacobs and the total was $200 for both (pretty good deal)
  2. Which Off Saks in NY??
  3. source mall
  4. That's my Saks Off 5th!

    OT, but why is the OP SOFA KING BANNED but actively online right now? :shrugs:
  5. How does the Presale of high end Designers work? My local had that section roped off but no one was behind the curtain?
  6. That is mine too!! -- I always seem to do better at the Rack there -- but I will try to get over to Saks this week! -- Need to stop at DSW across the street so i will head over there.