Off Saks 50% off clearance items


Apr 9, 2007
Went to the Off Saks at Jersey Gardens, New Jersey, and there were incredible buys in the clearance section. Everything was 50% off the reduced price, so I bought some beautiful tops and nothing cost more than $24.00. I purchased one top that was over $100, and it came to $4.84! It is defintely worth checking out!
Nov 5, 2006
Oooh, what was the shoe section like? Did you happen to hit NM Last Call? I find that Saks to have a ton of the Saks brand outlet stuff so I usually skip it.


Apr 9, 2007
THere was a big section with 50% off shoes and 30% off shoes. Not a lot in size 10, but the other sizes seemed to be well-stocked.


Jul 29, 2008
lv prada your in new york right?
This might sound funny to you but I often take the new jersey transit bus over to jersey gardens & off saks from port authority....its a whole outlet mall near newark airport has nm last call too!
Sep 10, 2006
los angeles, ca
i went to the one in camarillo today.... bought a coat for 80 bucks, originally 350 and a pair of leggings for 4 dollars down from 45 lol

....the prices are great if ur ok with the picked over selection


More please!
Dec 1, 2006

I agree! Took a bit but but I managed to find a black Badgley Mischka dress for $37 today (retail $695!) and a Calvin Klein dress for $25. Also snagged a pair if Kate Spade heels for $63. :tup:
Mar 8, 2007
Queens, NY
I went to off fifth on friday and finally snagged a lamb carlisle clutch (i've been lemming forever). The lamb bags were 30 off. I think the whole store was 20-50% off.


name's Ash! :]
Aug 8, 2007
OC and SD
yeah..i love this sale! i ended up getting (from 3 diff stores)

-a dvf skinny long scarf ($8 from ~110)
-a pair of giuseppe zanotti (sp? $25 from 450)
-a pair of mk black croc heel (28 from 325)
-a long st johns skirt for mom (25 from 495)
-a juicy couture sweat pants, not velour (17 from 110)
-a pair of prada flats (63 from idk)
-a robert rodriguez in perfect condition hour glass dress with side pockets for...ready?? 22!!!! from over 400!
-and alexander mcqueen long black silk dress for 110 from over 2000!!

i did good, but for my pocket but i really saved a lot. :smile:


Jun 12, 2007
Just be careful if you drive to Jersey Gardens Mall with a car. Last June, I went and parked at NM, and came out with my loot and my Escalade was GONE...Mind you I was in Jersey for a medical conference with my husband, had 2 of my kids with me and no way back to the Hotel. (I was staying at the Sheraton in Secaucus). Needless to say, about 10 cars were broken into at NM and they used my car to take away the loot.

The security guard are useless, the Elizabeth police was just a tad better, and it cost be $75.00 to take a cab back to the hotel, because the 7 miles was too far for the police officer to take us. Needless to say they found my car the next day in Newark, another horrific story having it released from impound..

Boy, the things we do for a deal. I will NEVER go back to that Mall. There is another Off 5th location that I ended up finding after I got my car back that is about 15 minutes north of Secaucus, and of course the Woodbury one is the very best that they have about 50 stores that I love including Chanel, Prada, NM, Off 5th, Williams Sonoma, Ferrgamo, etc.