Off Saks 3 day sale

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    Coupon sale. $25 off for every $100 spent. I can't seem to get it to print here, for some reason, although I have tried about six times. If anyone knows the trick, please tell me. Otherwise, send me a PM and I can email to you, because apparently Off SAks will allow me to email it to others.

    Yesterday my daughter and I spotted some ladies Burberry rain coats in the Riverhead, NY Off Saks. They were priced from about $260 to $600 depending on the style. Good looking lightweight black trenchy ones and some tan ones too. There was an elegant tan beltless rain coat in a heavier fabric with closely spaced gold buttons running from the waist up to the throat in a single line. It was about $600, down from over a thousand.

    There are still four or five quilted Mark Jacobs bags there, two cream and two a darker tan, that I remember. Also a few Burberry bags just showed up - some small logo ones, a white leather drawstring top bucket bag and a $900+ dark brown leather, rectangular luggage type bag that is handsome, but very heavy.
  2. I can't see the coupon... could you relink it? Thanks!
  3. Yes! Thanks was planning a trip there tomorrow anyway :smile:
  4. That's interesting. Your email from off Saks is different from the one I have. Mine is $25 off every $100, yours is $25 off every $125. Its color is different too. The colors are reversed, too. Mine has a green background where your's is black, and black where your's is green. How were you able to post it? What am I doing wrong? Or, is it that I am using a Mac? I'd like to be able to post this one

    I wonder if they send different offers to different market areas? Or if they are just trying different tactics to see what works. Hmmmm...
  5. Thanks for posting.
  6. wow that is so sketch that they are giving different customers different offers... especially with the amount of money i spend there every time i go....

    as for posting your email, at the top of it there should be something that says like "if you can't see this email click here" and then use that url to post.

  7. Thank you karetotalk. And, it is interesting that nay.nayo1 got hers a couple of days ago when mine just came yesterday afternoon. Strange way OFF Sak is is doing business.$dNBWc.BW6Gk0Ek/doc.html?

    Darn, the copied url doesn't click open either, so maybe its my mac. I am having hardware trouble with it and must take it into get looked at.
  8. here's an active link of sunnyflies' post for everyone, her email is a better deal than the one i posted$dNBWc.BW6Gk0Ek/doc.html?

  9. Thank you. I am just thinking about going tomorrow, and I thought I will try my luck here. Bingo!
  10. I would love to see what everyone found! I skipped the trip... There's so much snow up here in NH that building up the incentive to go down to Wrentham is tough... Sheesh, it's cold!
  11. I went yesterday and used the $25 off $100 (they had stacks of them at the register) on a Tory Burch Kerr trench coat in "Yellow Bird" (bright yellow) that retailed for $495. I got it for $76. :biggrin: Ours had tons of high end bags ( Gucci, YSL, Marc Jacobs, etc) and shoes (Manolo, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Louboutin, etc), but last weeks extra 30% off would be better for those things.
  12. O.K., I live in Atlanta and I got the email for the 40% off private pre sale (it is only offered at the Discover Mills location). So I went today, what a waste of time. Neimans Last Call is also at that location, I asked a S.A. about when they would have there pre sale and she said not til March. Left both places empty handed =(
  13. awesome thanks!