Off Saks 25% off ENTIRE purchase- 3/25

  1. Heads up....
    This Thursday, Off Saks is having 25% off your entire purchase with a coupon!! I was there tonight and found a MULBERRY Bayswater purse marked down to $329.00 + 25%!!!! (They will pre-sell the items to you!!!!!!!!!!!) Hurry!!! Good luck!!
  2. Lucky girl! No Saks where I live, unfortunately.
  3. Where do you get the coupon???
  4. Is there a coupon code on the back of the coupon?!?
  5. Which off Saks?
  6. awesome! We have one of those here, but they dont usually have anything nice.
  7. I was at the Off Saks in Paramus, NJ. It is really hit or miss, but I was there last night and they had some great things they usually don't carry!!!

    I got the coupon in the mail (maybe because I have a Saks CC???) It says "Take 25% off your entire purchase fr you and three friends" I can't find a coupon code anywhere on the coupon!!!! :sad:
  8. I just noticed that the sale is 3/25 to 4/1!!
  9. Where is the off Saks in Paramus?
  10. Off Saks is in the Bergen Mall on Rt. 4 West.
  11. Happy shopping since you have the Coupon!
  12. Oh yeah, I got a gift card type thing! Great deal on the bayswater! Score!
  13. Fabulous deal - well done!:love: :biggrin:
  14. i miss the 10% off your entire purchase coupons from the non outlet Saks but I havent charged a thing to my Saks card in years after finding deals on the net
  15. Oh, girls, I soooo envy you!!! [sigh] I wish I could have a Saks over here!!!
    Good luck with your shopping :smile:)