Off-Fifth Just Started a Designer Sell

  1. Not sure about handbags, but they have a few pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes, which are priced at $299.00. Also, saw Prada shoes selling for different prices. If anyone goes, please update me.
  2. I wonder if its at the one here too, although the selection SUCKS!
  3. They also sell Fendi and Marc Jacobs
  4. nothing really there, just old season shoes and classic MJ bags, blah.
  5. To each its own, I found really nice Jimmy Choo shoes. There were plenty of Prada and Gucci shoes as well. I really don't have a problem with purchasing past season shoes because I wear shoes for years -- have over 1500 pairs. I used to be silly and not buy sale items, but then I thought about it. I am not the kind of person who replaces my wardrobe every season -- know people who do. Also, what's old will be new again blah, blah blah.
  6. I agree, last season is not a big deal,if you love it and it is a standout,it is always wearable,even years later. And I think certain brands are always wearable no matter how out the trend was the year you bought them. Jimmy Choo,Manolo,Chanel and Marc Jacobs never really depreciate.
  7. 1500 pairs???
    I am in awe...I am not worthy!