Off Fifth for Prada - are there fakes?

  1. Hi! I have not posted in the Prada forum yet, and have a question. I bought a Prada at Off 5th and now that I did a quick search here, it seems that there are fakes there? Something about bait/switch?

    The bag I bought is actually one of those little zip top things that has a nylon strap that can be made long to go across your body.

    Looks like this one from Saks website, but it is smaller.

    Just wondering if there are valid authenticity concerns over bags sold at Saks or not.

  2. Whoa! I would never expect Saks or Off Fifth to sell fakes knowingly. Still, who knows? Maybe some customers do bait and switch returns? I hope your Prada is authentic.
  3. I agree with you - they would not knowingly sell them. I saw concerns on another thread and am just wondering if this bag could be fake. Do you know if there are pictures posted of the prada logo, etc. anywhere that I could compare to? Thanks for your help.
  4. If you have concerns about the authenticity of the bag, I would post pictures of it under Authenticate This! I hope you didn't get a fake!!