Off Fifth End of Season Sale....

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  1. Over the weekend I got a 50% to 80% off original prices, along with a 30% off any one item in the store at Off Fifth starting July 11th running to Sunday, July 15th.....

    So far, I am not head over heels with what I have seen of the Fall line, so if there are any great Koobas there, I just might have to see what I can pick up with those great discounts.
  2. Wow, what fantastic discounts. I wish I was there to take advantage. I agree re what we have seen of the Fall designs. I'm not that enamoured.
  3. Are those coupons that were sent to you? Hope you find something great!
  4. was a 5 x 7 postcard-type......
  5. Thank you, Compass Rose.

    Blast! One can hope. :p

    Still hoping you come home with something great. :smile:
  6. Off Fifth should not even be sending me those things. I personally called them and told them I am on a very strict purse ban until the end of the year, but NOOOOO, they didn't listen, and now I have to jump in my car and drive down there and take a look! Not fair!
  7. LOL. They have your "number". :smile:
  8. I never see any Kooba at my store! Just tons of IF, MK, Kate Spade, Coach, and a bunch of other JUNK.
  9. HI - I was at the San Diego store today. They have a few Kooba Carlas and one Ginger in Bourbon. They have some scratches though. They have several embossed siennas and one haydon. Nothing new. There were a lot of IFs, Cynthia Rowley and Betsey Johhson. Good luck!
  10. I'm still hoping to use my coupon that expires on July 15th. I know they had a few Siennas and Gingers and Carlas. What I was hoping for was a Jillian........who knows! Maybe.....just maybe.........
  11. Good luck Rose! Bring one home! So wish we had a Saks or an Off Fifth location up here. Such deals to be had. Though I think the DH is a bit relieved that those stores haven't opened up here - - - yet.
  12. Gee Whiz! My husband was looking at the stack of papers at the end of our kitchen counter (a neat stack, of course), and he was about to throw out my COUPON for the end of season sale.....and I caught him! I said, "Hey! Don't throw that one out"!! And he said, "Oh, so you must be thinking of another Kooba, huh"?? I tell you, he knows me like a book, even though he is supposed to help me with my purse ban until the end of the year! A girl can still look, though.......
  13. I agree! I haven't seen a Kooba, or any decent bag at the location near me (Phoenix/Tempe) in months! What's up with that? :crybaby:

    Oh, well....I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  14. Compass Rose - That is exactly what I was looking for there! I LOVE the Jillians and need one! I'll be back for the sale. Good luck in your search!